Why did Sinbad leave Brookside?

Why did Sinbad leave Brookside?

The character was only intended to be a small part featuring in a few episodes. Producers kept Starke as part of the show’s recurring cast and he continued in the role for five years until he decided he wanted better job security.

When did Sinbad leave Brookside?

After his departure from Brookside, in October 2000, he appeared in a Christmas 2000 episode of the BBC drama Casualty.

Is Sinbad from Brookside in the responder?

This week eagle-eyed fans spotted actor Michael Starke – who played Sinbad in Brookie – in BBC drama The Responder. While many of its stars have continued to act, some have endured more drama in their personal lives. Here we reveal what members of the Brookside cast are up to now.

Who played Sinbad in Coronation Street?

Michael Starke
Michael Starke (born 13th November 1957 in Liverpool) is an English actor who played Jerry Morton in Coronation Street between March 2007 and September 2008. He is most famous for his role as Thomas ‘Sinbad’ Sweeney, which he played for sixteen years, in the soap opera Brookside.

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Why was Brookside Cancelled?

Although the series had a long and successful run, its viewing figures were in terminal decline by 2000, and low ratings eventually led to its cancellation in June 2003. The final episode was broadcast on 4 November 2003 and was watched by around two million viewers.

Is Brookside Close real?

“Officially known as 43-67 (odd) Brookside, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 0BA, but better known to most of us as the fictional setting for the TV soap opera Brookside.”

What happened to Sinbad?

Recently, Sinbad suffered from a stroke that he’s still recovering from. In November of 2020, the comedian’s family issued a statement to the Associated Press that he was hospitalized following a stroke. “It is out of sincere love that we share Sinbad, our beloved husband and father, is recovering from a stroke.

Who was window cleaner in Brookside?

Michael Starke
Michael Starke is most well known for playing unlucky-in-love window cleaner Sinbad in Brookside, but he has also appeared in the Samuel L Jackson film 52st State and The Revenger’s Tragedy.

Where is Terry from Brookside now?

And since November the man formerly known to millions as Terry Sullivan, The Close’s original bad-boy, has spent his time at the jail in solitary confinement for his own safety.

Will there be Season 2 of The Responder?

The Responder season 2 has been confirmed by the BBC after a successful first round. The Responder season 2 is heading to BBC1 after The Responder season 1 proved a huge hit, with its first episode pulling in an audience of 7.6 million viewers.

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Who is the shrink in The Responder?

Elizabeth Berrington
Elizabeth Berrington plays the role of the therapist in The Responder. This isn’t the first time the 51-year-old has worked alongside Martin Freeman, as she previously starred in two Christmas episodes of The Office.

Who is the drug dealing doctor in The Responder?

Ian Hart
Ian Hart as Carl

Carl is a drug dealer and is played by actor Ian Hart. Ian recently starred in the Noughts + Crosses adaptation, and played Father Beocca in Netflix’s The Last Kingdom.

Who were the Morton family in Coronation Street?

Storylines. Darryl Morton arrives in Coronation Street with his father Jerry (Michael Starke), grandfather Wilf (Rodney Litchfield), and sisters, Jodie (Samantha Seager), Mel and Kayleigh (Jessica Barden).

Who was the Morton family on Coronation Street?

Jerry Morton is a fictional character from the British ITV soap opera Coronation Street, played by Michael Starke.

Jerry Morton.
In-universe information
Father Wilf Morton
Wife Teresa Bryant (1978–1996)
Sons Darryl Morton
Daughters Jodie Morton Mel Morton Kayleigh Morton

Is hollyoaks a spin off from Brookside?

Brookside was a soap opera created by Hollyoaks creator Phil Redmond. The series ran from 2nd November 1982 until 4th November 2003 and was transmitted on Channel 4. The universe of Brookside exists in the same universe as Hollyoaks.

Who buried the body under the patio in Brookside?

Brookside: Trevor Jordache under the patio (1993-95)

Long-suffering wife Mandy stabbed her abuser Trevor, the man whose evil eyes gave Brookside viewers nightmares, and buried him under the patio in 1993.

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Who Killed Sue in Brookside?

Producers then turned Barry into a murderer when he kills Sue and her young son Danny, by pushing them off a scaffolding. The story helped celebrate Brookside’s 1000th episode and was played out as a “whodunit” story, with viewers initially unaware that Barry was responsible.

Who lived at 10 Brookside Close?

Billy Corkhill
Brother of the infamous Jimmy, Billy Corkhill moved his family into number 10 Brookside Close in 85 and endured some pretty harrowing times.

Who lived in the bungalow in Brookside?

Alan Partridge is a fictional character in Channel 4 soap Brookside. He was portrayed by Dicken Ashworth from 1983 until 1985. He was the first resident to live at No. 6 (the bungalow).

What happened at the end of Brookside?

The final instalment saw drug dealer Jack Michaelson (Paul Duckworth) die in an attack of mob justice. He was hanged from his bedroom window by a lynch mob that included Jimmy Corkhill, Steve and Marty Murray and Tim O’Leary.

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