Who were Batman’s parents killed by?

Who were Batman’s parents killed by?

In Batman’s origin story, Joe Chill is the mugger who murders young Bruce Wayne’s parents, Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. The murder traumatizes Bruce, inspiring his vow to avenge their deaths by fighting crime as the vigilante Batman.

Why were Batman’s parents killed?

He did not know the ramifications of his actions (and he did not care). In this origin story, Bruce Wayne’s parents were killed because they entered a bad part of Gotham City. They were targeted for their wealth by someone wanting to make money. The result of that night was that Bruce Wayne grew up to become Batman.

Who is Bruce Wayne’s father?Thomas WayneBork


Was Thomas Wayne The Joker’s father?

Cullen spoke with THR and revealed that when he played his big bathroom confrontation scene with Phoenix, he played it as though Thomas Wayne is actually Arthur’s father: “I was very surprised when I read the twist.

What is Joker’s real name?

Jack Napier
Jack Napier, also known as the Joker, is a fictional character introduced in the 1989 superhero film Batman, directed by Tim Burton. Primarily portrayed by Jack Nicholson, the character was based on the iconic supervillain the Joker.

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Is the Joker Batman’s brother?

If there is a Joker sequel, then Batman and the Joker’s possible brotherhood might be further explored. However, in the wider DC Universe, the Batman and Joker are not brothers and never were. (Image: Warner Bros.)

Who killed Joker?


In that macabre timeline, Jim Gordon and Alfred both died protecting the city. Their passing deeply affected Bruce, but it was ultimately the crippling of Jason Todd at the hands of The Riddler which pushed Batman over the edge.

Who killed Wayne?

The random nature of the crime found in the general canon was enough to drive Bruce Wayne to later don the cape and cowl, as that fateful night showed him how ruthless the city is. Joe Chill and his murder of the Waynes is one of the most brutal moments in the Batman comics, and also one of the most iconic.

Who killed Bruce Wayne father?

The mugger, however, was not given a name until Batman #47 (June-July 1948). In that issue, Batman discovers that Joe Chill, the small-time crime boss he is investigating, is none other than the man who killed his parents. Batman confronts him and reveals his secret identity.

Is Joker Thomas Wayne’s son?

In Joker, Thomas Wayne (Batman’s father) and Penny Fleck (Joker’s mother) are key characters. Penny claims that Thomas is actually Arthur’s father. The movie wants you to guess for yourself who’s telling the truth.

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Who kills Batman?

Darkseid Obliterates Batman With His Omega Beams

Batman’s death in Final Crisis is one of the most jarring of his professional career.

How is Bruce Wayne so rich?

The Waynes have always been rich. As it turns out, they’re about as old as Old Money gets in America, with a merchant fortune that came over from Europe in colonial times, growing as Gotham City expanded to form the cornerstone of an industrial empire.

Who is the Joker’s son?

Joker Jr. is the son of Harley Quinn and the mass-murdering criminal The Joker.

Who is Joker’s real mom?

Penny Fleck
In comic books the Joker’s father looms semi-large in the super-villain’s loose backstory, but in Joker—the new origin story in theaters Friday—it’s his mother who takes center stage. Penny Fleck (played by Frances Conroy) is a meek, sickly woman who relies on her son, Arthur (Joaquin Phoenix), to take care of her.

How old is Batman?

Pre-original Crisis tales always put Bruce’s birthday in February, so that fits with Miller’s “Year One.” According to my chronology, 23 full “Bat Years” transpire (up to the Modern Age’s end in 2011) making Bruce 48-years-old. (25+23=48).

Who was the very first Joker?

Cesar Romero / The Batman Series (1966)

The original Joker, Cesar Romero, was known for his acting and singing skills well before playing the iconic character in the first of the caped vigilante films, Batman: The Movie (1966).

What is the Joker’s age?

Trivia. In true Joker fashion, it is shown throughout the movie that Arthur is an unreliable narrator, as it is revealed his relationship with his neighbour was completely imagined. His age is 34, found in his adoption documentation.

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Is Joker in love with Batman?

The Joker admits to being in love with Batman and feeling a constant longing for Gotham’s protector to beat him and call him a “horror.” He adds that he can’t understand why his counterpart always chooses to love Catwoman over him.

Did Batman have a sister?

With the couple now parents to a baby girl, this completely alters the Batman mythology because, in the comics, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have an older sister. In fact, it’s well-known that he is an only child.

Who killed Harley Quinn?

However, there was a point in her comics history when Joker finally ended up killing her before she left him for good…and the reasoning behind how he does it will shock comic readers. It all happens in the Emperor Joker storyline by Jeph Loeb.

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