Who has Tony Audenshaw lost?

Who has Tony Audenshaw lost?

Tony Audenshaw, best known for his Emmerdale role as Bob Hope, lost his wife Ruth in April 2017. Ruth was just 43 when she passed away from pancreatic cancer, having been diagnosed two years earlier.

Who is Bob from Emmerdale married to in real life?

After meeting at an aerobics class in 1993, Tony fell in love with his future wife Ruth Audenshaw and the pair were happily married for 24 years. They tied the knot just three years after they met in 1996, which was four years before the actor made his debut on the village-based show.

How long has Tony Audenshaw been Emmerdale?

Tony Audenshaw has opened up about his late wife Ruth’s cancer battle before she died at the age of 43 in April 2017. The Emmerdale actor, 57, has played Bob Hope in the popular soap for more than 20 years.

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How many children does Tony Audenshaw have?

two children
Life and career. Audenshaw was born in Denton, Lancashire on 9 September 1964. In 1993, Audenshaw married wife Ruth, and the pair had two children together before her death in 2017.

How old is Bob Hope Emmerdale?

Bob Hope was born on the 11 February 1960. he had a brother Eddie Hope. In 1982, aged 22, Bob married Jean. They had a daughter Dawn Hope in 1984.

Who is the mother of Bob’s twins in Emmerdale?

Viv Hope
Cathy and Heath’s mum is Viv Hope – played by Deena Payne – and their dad is Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw). The twins have always been played by real-life twins Gabrielle and Sebastian Dowling and are now 14-years-old.

Is Bob in Emmerdale married?

Bob Hope is a fictional character from the ITV soap opera Emmerdale, played by Tony Audenshaw.

Bob Hope (Emmerdale)
In-universe information
Wife Jean Hope (backstory) Barbara Hope (backstory) Vonda Lockhart (backstory) Viv Hope (2001–2005, 2006–2011) Brenda Walker (2018–2019)

Who plays Bob in Emmerdale?Tony AudenshawEmmerdaleAntony AudenshawEmmerdale: Paddy and Marlon’s Big Night In

Bob Hope/Voiced by

How did Bob Hope pass away?

Legendary entertainer Bob Hope has died at the age of 100, a family spokesperson said today (July 28). Hope died of pneumonia last night in Los Angeles at 9:28 p.m. with his family at his side, spokesman Ward Grant said.

What happened to Viv and Bob in Emmerdale?

Viv’s life seems to be back on track, but things decline again when it is revealed that Bob had had sex with Brenda’s adoptive daughter, Gennie, his son Jamie’s girlfriend whilst she was in prison. Viv splits up with Bob after coming to the realisation that they are both no longer compatible.

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How many kids does Bob Hope have in Emmerdale?

Robert Reginald “Bob” Hope is the father of Dawn, Jamie, Josh and Carly Hope as well as Roxy Lockhart and twins Cathy and Heath Hope. He is also the ex-husband of Jean Hope, Barbara Hope, Vonda Lockhart, Viv Windsor and Brenda Walker.

When did Tony Audenshaw first appear in Emmerdale?

Publicity shot of Tony Audenshaw as Bob Hope. Tony Audenshaw is an English actor who initially played the minor role of Acky in 1996 and has played Bob Hope since 2000.

How many times has Bob in Emmerdale been married?

Who are Bob’s wives and kids? Bob is Emmerdale’s most-married character. He’s been married and divorced seven times to five different women, but he’s actually walked up the aisle eight times. He married his first wife, Jean, twice and they had two children – Dawn, who died in Emmerdale, and Jamie.

What happened to Carly Hope in Emmerdale?

The actress said the reason she left Emmerdale was because it became too much trying to juggle the series with her breakfast radio show. She said: “I was doing my Key 103 radio show and Emmerdale together for six months and I just took on too much.

Who owns the cafe in Emmerdale?

But fans of the soap know that the local cafe owner Brenda Walker is facing financial woes after poisoning Dan Spencer and leaving him paralysed. Dan – who has a nut allergy – suffered an anaphylactic shock after scoffing one of Brenda’s wraps which contained almond milk.

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Are Cathy and Heathcliff siblings in real life?

The village siblings are played by real-life twins Gabrielle and Sebastian Dowling. They’ve played Cathy and Heath since they were tiny babies back in 2007, and are still portraying the Hope siblings.

How old is Kathy in Emmerdale in real life?

At the moment, the actress is 15-years-old and she will be celebrating her 16th birthday later this year with some of her co-stars.

Was Donna Bob’s daughter in Emmerdale?

2014. Donna returns to the village with her four-year-old daughter, April (Amelia Flanagan), moving in with Bob and Brenda Walker (Lesley Dunlop).

Is Bob Aprils grandad in Emmerdale?

April is the daughter of Marlon Dingle, and the late Donna Windsor. Her granddad is Bob Hope, while she’s also half-sister to Leo Goskirk.

Who was Bob Hope’s wife?Dolores Hopem. 1934–2003Grace Louise Troxellm. 1933–1934

Bob Hope/Wife

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