What town is Montalbano filmed in?

What town is Montalbano filmed in?

However, the Montalbano movies, based on the novels, are filmed in the area of Ragusa. As a matter of fact, most of the film locations are clustered around Ragusa Ibla, an inland Baroque town that is UNESCO heritage listed in the island`s south east.

Where is Inspector Montalbano’s house?

Punta Secca
Inspector Montalbano is lucky enough to wake up every morning in his seafront house in “Marinella”, which is, in reality, the small village of Punta Secca, just south of Santa Croce Camerina. His house is now a bed and breakfast and is situated just off the main square, recently renamed… yes, you got it…

Where in Sicily is Vigata?

The 88-year-old writer makes no secret of the fact that the fictional “Vigata” where Montalbano is based is his home town of Porto Empedocle, near Agrigento.

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Where is il Giovane Montalbano filmed?

The setting is the fictional town of Vigàta, Sicily.
The Young Montalbano
Also known as Il giovane Montalbano
Genre Police procedural
Written by Francesco Bruni Andrea Camilleri
Directed by Gianluca Maria Tavarelli

Is vigata a real town?

The original Montalbano books, by Andrea Camilleri, are set in fictional locations. Montalbano’s imaginary town, Vigata, is loosely based upon the real coastal town – Camilleri’s hometown – Porto Empedocle, and Montelusa, the nearby big town, is based upon Agrigento, famous for its Greek temples.

Is there a Montalbano tour in Sicily?

The real tour of Montalbano, in the lands of the Commissioner. Discovering Sicily is the only incoming tour operator specialized in Sicily that can offer you a tour of Montalbano’s with a stay in the famous House of the Commissioner.

What car does Montalbano drive?

Fiat Tipo
The ultimate recommendation comes from Sicilian detective Salvo Montalbano, who drives a Fiat Tipo in the Inspector Montalbano television series – the perfect car for zipping between trattorias and crime scenes in a blur of gesticulations, malapropisms and misunderstandings with beautiful women.

How did Montalbano get his house?

From fish warehouse to inspector Montalbano’s house

It was then purchased by the grandfather of the current owner: he bought it for 4 thousand lire and modified that building to create a beautiful house that is now the seat of the fiction.

Is Inspector Montalbano popular in Italy?

Known in English-speaking countries as the Inspector Montalbano series, it is one of Italy’s most successful exports, both as TV series and as a novel.

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What is the main airport in Sicily?

Palermo Airport PMO

Palermo Airport also known as Falcone-Borsellino, the airport is located 35 km from Palermo, the capital city of the Italian island of Sicily. The IATA code used to refer to the airport is PMO.

Is Montalbano Italian or Sicilian?

Inspector Montalbano (TV series)
Inspector Montalbano
Original languages Italian Sicilian
No. of series 15
No. of episodes 37 (list of episodes)

How big is Sicily?

The total area of the island is 25,711 km2 (9,927 sq mi), while the Autonomous Region of Sicily (which includes smaller surrounding islands) has an area of 27,708 km2 (10,698 sq mi).

Why did Livia change in Montalbano?

From season 1-8 Livia was portrayed by an Austrian, during season 9 by a Swedish actress (Katharina Böhm, Lina Perned). The actresses, who fitted the bill so perfectly otherwise, either don’t speak Italian fluently enough or not at all, so they had to be dubbed by an Italian actress.

Is Montalbano faithful to Livia?

Salvo Montalbano would like to be a faithful partner to the forceful Livia, who lives at the opposite end of the country, but he is an Italian man, an obsessive and morally driven policeman, both a cynic by experience and a romantic by nature (which probably sums up the entire national character of Italy).

What year is Montalbano set?

by Andrea Camilleri

When Ernesto Sabatello finds film taken by his father, always the same shot of a country house on the same day between 1958 and 1963, Montalbano is intrigued and starts to investigate . . . The Inspector Montalbano novels are crime fiction at its most enthralling.

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Is Montalbano still being filmed?

A newsletter from MHz Choice confirmed that episode 37 of Detective Montalbano will indeed be the last one. Regrettably, no more new episodes are planned.

What police force is Montalbano?

The police station

Vigata police station, where Montalbano often meets his colleagues Mimì Augello, Fazio and his secretary Catarella, actually is the town hall of Scicli, a city in the province of Ragusa.

Does Netflix have Montalbano?

Watch Montalbano: Equal Time | Netflix.

How can I watch Montalbano in Australia?

Inspector Montalbano goes digital this month. Watch the two latest episodes of Sicily’s much-loved detective series on iTunes, Google Play, Fetch and Microsoft Movies & TV in Australia and New Zealand.

How many Montalbano books are there?

To date there are 26 separate titles.

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