What Junction on M5 is Taunton Deane services?

What Junction on M5 is Taunton Deane services?

Taunton Deane Northbound

Located on the M5 motorway between junctions 25 and 26.

How long can you Park at Taunton Deane services?

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £13 and HGVs, caravans and coaches £27, or £29 to include a £10 food voucher. Prices are paid using NexusPay or in the shop. The location code is 2247 (northbound) and 2249 (southbound).

Does Taunton Deane services have Mcdonalds?

McDonald’s is located at the rear of the building, to the left. There is step-free access to McDonald’s. The entrance area is clearly signed. For the M5 – Taunton Deane Services – Southbound – Roadchef AccessAble Access Guide please click here (new tab).

Does Taunton Deane have fuel?

About Shell Taunton Deane South

Shell Taunton Deane South is a petrol station located in the Taunton area with a variety of unleaded and diesel products including Shell V-Power Unleaded and Shell V-Power Diesel. Shop – Select is available on site.

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What Junction is sedgemoor services?

Our Sedgemoor services can be found between Junctions 21 and 22 of the M5 – the gateway to the South West.

Is Taunton Deane services dog friendly?

They have made the inside nice and bright with a good choice for food or drink. Outside I can walk my dogs and allow them to have a break as well without being in the way of other dogs or people. The staff i have encountered are friendly no matter what time I have been, be it 8am or 3pm.

What time is free parking in Taunton?

You can park for free in Taunton between 6pm and 8am in the following car parks: Canon Street car park. Castle Street car park. Orchard multi storey car park.

Is Taunton Park and Ride still free?

Taunton’s Park and Ride operates from two sites: one on the east of the town and one on the west. Many more of you are taking advantage of Taunton’s Park and Ride currently being FREE! It’s a free (until further notice) bus service across Taunton that helps you beat the traffic.

What is pay on foot car park?

The term “Pay on Foot” is a parking industry phrase that describes a time based barrier controlled system. Payment is completed before reaching the exit point via automated payment stations. Or if the application is integrated with ANPR technology, pre-booking parking visits can also be accessed online.

What services are on M5 south?

You can find Sedgemoor South services, run by Roadchef between Junctions 21 and 22. Brands include: Costa, McDonald’s, Costa Drive-Thru, Spar, WH Smith, Fresh Food Café, The Cornish Bakery, Chozen Noodle (seasonal opening hours) and Fone Bitz.

How many services are on the M5?

11 services
There are 11 services on the M5 which are listed on this site, details of which are below. Tapping the links down the left column will provide you with more information on each service area, such as its facilities and exact location.

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Are there services on the A303?

There are 26 official services on the A30 and A303 route, each of which is marked on the map below. Tapping each icon will reveal more details, with a link to a detailed database page. If the map doesn’t load properly, try refreshing this page.

Does Sedgemoor services have a mcdonalds?

McDonald’s is located to the right of the services building. There is step-free access to McDonald’s. The entrance area is clearly signed. For the M5 – Sedgemoor Services – Southbound – Roadchef AccessAble Access Guide please click here (new tab).

How much is parking at Sedgemoor?

Parking Prices

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £15 for a further 24 hours and HGVs, caravans and coaches must pay £28 (or £30 include a £10 meal voucher). Prices can be paid in the shop and restaurant, with instructions in each car park. They are strictly enforced by ParkingEye.

What restaurants are at Sedgemoor services?

Restaurants near Sedgemoor Services Southbound M5
  • The Cornish Bakery. #2,398 of 2,636 Restaurants in Somerset. …
  • McDonald’s. Be the first to review this restaurant. …
  • Burger King. #1 of 1 Restaurants in Edingworth. …
  • The Wellington Arms. #2 of 8 Restaurants in Axbridge. …
  • Truffles Restaurant. …
  • Ollie’s Cafe. …
  • Chozen Noodle. …
  • The Packhorse Inn.

Is there a KFC at Sedgemoor services?

KFC drive-thru at Sedgemoor Services near Burnham-On-Sea approved.

Are dogs allowed in roadchef?

Unlimited, fast, free Wi-Fi is available at all Roadchef locations. All of our locations are pet friendly with outside spaces, so your four-legged passengers can get out and stretch their paws too!

What do you do with a dog at a service station?

It’s dangerous, particularly on hot days. They are susceptible to overheating and could find a busy service station car park distressing. If you have another passenger, we recommend you take it in turns to wait outside with the dog. Alternatively, tie them up in a safe place to a secure fixture.

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Is it law to have a dog strapped in a car?

A seat belt harness, pet carrier, dog cage or dog guard are ways of restraining animals in cars.” It’s not a legal requirement set out in legislation and there’s no direct penalty for breaking the highway code.

How much does it cost to park at Taunton station?

Tariff Duration Weekday Convenience Fee
1 day £6.90 £0.20
2 days £13.80 £0.20
3 days £20.70 £0.20
4 days £27.60 £0.20

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