What is the reading order of the Sookie Stackhouse series?

What is the reading order of the Sookie Stackhouse series?

The Southern Vampire Mysteries (novels)
# Title Release
1 Dead Until Dark May 2001 (paperback) January 2008 (hardcover)
2 Living Dead in Dallas April 2002 (paperback) January 2009 (hardcover)
3 Club Dead May 2003 (paperback) March 2010 (hardcover)
4 Dead to the World May 2004 (hardcover) May 2005 (paperback)

How many Sookie Stackhouse novels were there?

13 books
The novels are a set of 13 books that tell one complete story that centres on its main protagonist and titular character Sookie Stackhouse.

What order do the Charlaine Harris books go in?

Charlaine Harris Books in Order:
  • Real Murders.
  • A Bone to Pick.
  • Three Bedrooms, One Corpse.
  • The Julius House.
  • Dead Over Heels.
  • “Deeply Dead” Short story collected in the anthology “Murder, They Wrote”
  • A Fool and His Honey.
  • Last Scene Alive.

How many True Blood books are there in total?

The 13-book series formed the basis for the popular HBO show “True Blood,” which starred Anna Paquin as Sookie, and ran from 2008 to 2014. The final book in the series, “Dead Ever After,” was published in 2013, to the horror of many of Harris’ fans.

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How did Bill become a vampire in True Blood?


In True Blood he was turned by Lorena as he returned from the Civil War, having served under Colonel Henry Gray in Louisiana’s 28th Regiment. He only briefly sees his human wife and old home from a distance before Lorena leads him away permanently.

Does True Blood follow the books?

Follow the book series by Charlaine Harris. Most True Blood fans are aware the series is based on Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mysteries books. The original show followed the first novel almost entirely before veering off course.

Who is Sookie’s husband at the end of True Blood?

Sookie Stackhouse married a stuntman! At the end of True Blood, viewers were treated to a flashforward of a married—and pregnant—happy Sookie (Anna Paquin) at a Thanksgiving dinner. Her mystery man was never revealed, but he was played by stuntman Timothy Eulich.

Who does Sam end up with in True Blood?

In a flash-forward, Eric and Pam film an infomercial for their New Blood and three years later they are ruling the stock market. The following Thanksgiving, a pregnant Sookie is cooking dinner. Sam Merlotte (Sam Trammell) arrives with his daughter and a new baby, as do Jason and Brigette with their three kids.

How old is Sookie in True Blood?

How Old Is Sookie Stackhouse When True Blood Ends? At the end of True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse is 32 years old—but an incident early in the show’s run puts an asterisk next to that number. In True Blood season 3, episode 10, “I Smell a Rat,” Sookie visits the fairy realm.

Which came first True Blood or Twilight?

True Blood and Twilight were based on successful novels but like with most projects in the entertainment industry, the timing was everything. Technically, True Blood came into the world first. The show was based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries by author Charlaine Harris.

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What age is True Blood suitable for?

It premiered on September 7, 2008 and its final episode aired August 24, 2014. Please note that True Blood is NOT recommended to anyone under the age of 18. It is geared toward adults only. True Blood contains adult themes, such as sex, gore, violence, nudity, alcohol/drug use, smoking and profanity.

Who does Sookie end up with in the books?

However, she did have brief love interests throughout the book series. The most memorable love interest being Eric. Ultimately, in the end she ends up married to Sam and the two have four children, two sons (Neal and Jennings) and two daughters (Adele and Jillian Tara).

What is the meaning of Sookie?

Sookie. Sookie is a variant of the name Susan or Susannah, from Hebrew שושנה (Shoshona) meaning “rose” or “lily.” Most famously, the name occurs in the English nursery rhyme “Polly Put the Kettle On.”

Is Bon Temps Louisiana a real place?

Bon Temps is a fictional town located in the Renard Parish in northern Louisiana. The Southern Vampire Mysteries largely takes place in Bon Temps. It’s where protagonist Sookie Stackhouse lives as well as works at Merlotte’s.

How is Sookie a fairy?

Claudine uses a form of photokinetic magic to push Bill away from her. Bill later wakes up and tells Sookie that Claudine explained to him that Sookie is part fairy. He tells Sookie that fairies are capable of breeding with humans and are known to abduct humans, likening them to aliens.

Who does Bill cheat on Sookie with?

Not only did Bill cheat on Sookie with his maker, Lorena, but he allowed the Rattrays to beat her close to death in the series’ premiere episode so that he could trick her into ingesting his blood, forcing them to bond under false pretenses.

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Who is the oldest vampire in True Blood?

Godric is a powerful and ancient vampire on the HBO original series True Blood. Played by Danish starring actor Allan Hyde, Godric makes his debut on the episode “Never Let Me Go” in the series’ second season.

Does Sookie get cured of Hep V?

‘True Blood’ Recap: Sookie Realizes She Unknowingly Infected Bill With Hep-V, Sarah Newlin Reveals Hep-V Cure. Sarah Newlin revealed that her blood contains the cure for Hep-V and Sookie found out she is a Hep-V carrier and unknowingly infected Bill in True Blood’s “Karma.”

Why did Sookie not end up with Eric?

When Eric gets his memories back, he tells Sookie that he remembers their relationship and declares his love for her. Sookie admits that she’s fallen for him, but that a part of her still loves Bill. At the end of Season 4, Sookie decides to not be with either Bill or Eric, as she loves them both too much.

Why was True Blood Cancelled?

And I think in the case of True Blood, it just felt like we had reached a place where the storytelling was hitting a wall.” With no ideas of where to take the series, it was decided by HBO and the show’s producers that it would be best for True Blood Season 7 to be the show’s last.

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