What is the main idea of the story Charles?

What is the main idea of the story Charles?

The main theme of Charles is identity, specifically the conflict between the identity Laurie has, the one he wants, and the one his parents think he has. Jackson begins the focus on identity by leaving out important information: the names of the other characters.

What does Charles symbolize in Charles by Shirley Jackson?

Charles is probably the most important symbol in the story. On the one hand, Charles symbolizes Laurie’s need for attention. As his parents seem interested in what he has to say when Charles is mentioned, the boy continues to lie about Charles, as possibly this is the only way he can get them to be interested in him.

Is Charles by Shirley Jackson based on a true story?

The child protagonist of “Charles,” Laurie Hyman, has the nickname of Jackson’s own son Laurence Hyman. According to Lenemaja Friedman in her biography Shirley Jackson (1975), the author based this story on the real-life Laurie’s childhood tales of another boy at kindergarten.

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What is the irony in the story Charles?

 When Laurie’s mother attends the PTA Meeting, she is expecting to meet Charles’s mother. that Charles is really Laurie. This is ironic because she (maybe the reader) doesn’t expect that she is actually Charles’s (Laurie’s) mother. to actually be the infamous Charles.

What is the climax in the story Charles?

The climax in this story occured when Laurie’s mother went up to Laurie’s teacher making light talk about Laurie only to get to ask about Charles.

Why did Charles hit the teacher?

“Why did Charles hit the teacher?” I asked quickly. “Because she tried to make him color with red crayons,” Laurie said.

How does Laurie change in Charles?

Laurie changed when he started acting out and misbehaving at home and at school. When was Charles first mentioned in Laurie’s home? What did Charles do? During lunch on the first day of kindergarten; Charles hit the teacher.

How does Charles behavior change throughout the story?

How does Charles’ behavior vary throughout the story? Laurie describes Charles’ behavior as improving but having occasional setbacks. Laurie describes Charles’ behavior as steadily improving throughout the story. Laurie emphasizes how Charles is always misbehaving even if he’s not caught.

What are the characteristics of Charles?

In the short story Charles, written by Shirley Jackson, a boy named Charles possessed many different negative character traits in which some include being, obnoxious, dangerous, and disrespectful. Charles displayed immature and unnecessary trouble for all the students and teachers.

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What does fresh mean in Charles?

Terms in this set (13)

What does the word “fresh” mean? acted bad or was mean.

What does Laurie say about Charles?

For example, Laurie was saying that Charles hit the teacher because, “she tried to make him color with red crayons” (Jackson, 346). Laurie wanted to color with a different color instead. Since Laurie was so used to getting all the attention he was not happy with the way the teacher was treating him.

How does the point of view contribute to the surprise ending of Charles?

How does the point of view contribute to the surprise ending of “Charles”? The narrator does not know the truth about Charles, so neither do readers. The narrator portrays Laurie as angelic, so his bad behavior shocks readers. The author tells many characters’ thoughts, so readers are not as surprised at the end.

Why did Laurie make up Charles?

Why did Laurie create the imaginary boy Charles? He wanted his parents to know what was going on but not get in trouble, he didn’t want to take responsibility for his own actions.

What is the resolution of the story Charles?

The Resolution happens when Laurie’s teacher reveals the truth about Charles. She says that there is no boy named Charles in her class, which leaves the reader to infer that Laurie is indeed Charles.

What is the setting of the story Charles?

Physical setting

Part of the action takes places at home, where Laurie tells his parents about what Charles does and where the parents think about Charles’ bad influence on their son. The other part of the story takes place in school, where Laurie’s kindergarten is located.

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What type of conflict is in the story Charles?

The main type of conflict in this story is Internal Conflict. The main problem is that Laurie’s mom worries that Charles is a bad influence on Laurie. It is resolved at the end when mom figues out that there is no child named Charles in Laurie’s kindergarten class.

Who is the protagonist in Charles?

The main character in the short story “Charles” by Shirley Jackson is Laurie. When he is in kindergarten, he behaves badly and, once home, he blames it all on Charles, whom his parents think is real.

What is the shocking discovery that Laurie’s mother makes when she meets Laurie’s teacher?

What is the shocking discovery that Laurie’s mother makes when she meets Laurie’s teacher? Laurie and Charles are the same person.

Why are Laurie’s parents so concerned about Charles?

Explain the central conflict in the story. Laurie’s parents are concerned about a bad influence in Laurie’s kindergarten class, a boy named Charles. Ever since Laurie started kindergarten all he does is talk about how Charles misbehaves each day in class. In addition, Laurie’s behavior at home is disrespectful.

What is the mother’s perspective on Charles?

In the story “Charles”, Laurie’s mother believes that Charles is real because she believes what Laurie says about Charles. She also believes that Charles is the reason that Laurie is acting to bad. After Laurie tells his parents how bad Charles was, his…show more content…

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