What is Izzy’s disability in Coronation Street?

What is Izzy’s disability in Coronation Street?

Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome
Cherylee Houston is an actress who is best known for playing Izzy Armstrong in Coronation Street. After years of misdiagnoses she was finally diagnosed with Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome at the age of 24 by which time she was already at drama school.

Is Izzy in Coronation Street in a wheelchair in real life?

After graduating from drama school the actress discovered she has the chronic condition Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and has used a wheelchair ever since.

What happens to Izzy and Gary’s baby?

Izzy Armstrong had miscarried her and Gary Windass’ baby in 2012 and did not want to try for another as she suffered from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and felt it would be too much of a health risk. Her sister Katy offered to be a surrogate but Izzy later refused since the proposal was putting a strain on the family.

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Who is Izzy child in Coronation Street?

Jake Windass is the son of Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong and he was born on May 27 2013, making him nine years old. Although Gary and Izzy are his biological parents, Tina McIntyre was a surrogate for them.

Is Izzy returning to Coronation Street?

Coronation Street star Cherylee Houston has confirmed she will be returning to the soap. The actress plays Izzy Armstrong in the ITV soap – but she has rarely been seen over the last few years. Records show she has made just a handful of appearances since the pandemic began.

Who is Izzy’s father in Coronation Street?

In January 2010, it was announced that actor Ian Puleston-Davies had joined the cast of Coronation Street as Owen, the psychotic father of Izzy (Cherylee Houston).

What happened to Joseph’s mum in Coronation Street?

It was revealed in October 2017 Katy had died in a car accident off-screen, with Chesney having to take Linda’s word. As the death was never seen, there is always a chance it never happened and for a short time, even the youngster’s mother could have believed she was dead.

Did Tina give Izzy the baby?

Tina tells Izzy what happened but goes into labour soon afterwards. Tina is rushed to hospital and gives birth to a baby boy with Tommy and Izzy present.

What happened to Tina’s baby in Coronation Street?

She gave birth to a baby boy in May 2013 however had a change of heart and wanted to keep the baby, planning to name him Joe. However, she eventually gave up the baby after seeing the pain she had caused the family. The baby was named Jake and shortly after the birth, Tommy and Tina got back together once again.

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Who did Gary Windass have a baby with?

Gary Windass
In-universe information
Wife Maria Connor (2020–present)
Sons Jake Windass Zack Rubinstein
Adoptive daughters Kelly Neelan (ward)
Stepsons Liam Connor Jr. (2020–present)

How is Izzy related to Joseph in Corrie?

Katy Armstrong is the late mother of Joseph Brown and younger sister of Izzy.

Who is Max’s dad in Coronation Street?

David (played by Jack P Shepherd) has been doing his best to keep Max (Paddy Bever) on the straight and narrow in recent months on Coronation Street but his attempts have been fruitless.

How are Izzy and Linda related in Coronation Street?

Linda is the mother of Izzy Armstrong and the late Katy Armstrong. She was previously married to Owen Armstrong and is the grandmother of Jake Windass and Joseph Brown.

Why has Izzy left Coronation Street?

Unfortunately, it has been a while since she has been a permanent weekly fixture on our TV screens. Cherylee was forced to take a break from filming Corrie during the height of the coronavirus pandemic due to shielding requirements, but has returned for brief scenes via video call.

Who is Izzy’s mum in Coronation Street?

Linda Hancock
Katy and Izzy’s mother, Linda Hancock (Jacqueline Leonard), arrives in Weatherfield and Katy grows fond of her. She asks Katy to move away back to Portugal with her, and after talking it over with Chesney, she and Joseph leave Weatherfield.

Is Cherylee Houston disabled?

The actress first suffered from joint pain at the age of 11, going to be diagnosed with a rare connective tissue disorder at 23. Cherylee’s Ehlers-Danlos syndrome diagnosis means her joints are unstable and that she has tissue damage in her muscles and tendons, with the star using a wheelchair since her early twenties.

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What happened to Katy Harris in Coronation Street?

She was taken to Weatherfield General but died a week after her arrival.

Is Joseph in Coronation Street leaving?

Coronation Street spoilers: Joseph Brown exit revealed as grandma Linda makes shock demand. CHESNEY Brown’s family is in for a shock as the clan loses one of its members next week. Joseph is set to leave Coronation Street next week after his grandmother Linda makes a shocking demand.

Where did Joseph get the money from Coronation Street?

But when the youngsters were out and about, amid Joseph’s worried loved ones appealing for his safe return, they were spotted by a friend of Bernie’s named Clint. Clint recognised Joseph and bribed the pair in exchange for the £30,000 reward money for Joseph being found.

Who married Mike Baldwin Corrie?

Relationship with Alma Halliwell

Mike and Alma Sedgewick’s (Amanda Barrie) romance stemmed back to 1989 and they wed on-screen in 1992, the marriage lasting seven years. It has been suggested in a 2006 ITV documentary that Mike, an antagonistic womanising character, met his match in Alma.

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