What is another word for at play?

What is another word for at play?

What is another word for at play?
operational active
valid in effect
in force in operation
in action at work
in play current

What word goes with play?

9 letter words containing play
  • interplay.
  • playhouse.
  • playmaker.
  • plaything.
  • playgroup.
  • horseplay.
  • underplay.
  • swordplay.

What are some other words for playing?

  • dallying,
  • disporting,
  • frolicking,
  • recreating,
  • rollicking,
  • skylarking,
  • sporting,
  • toying.

What is the present word for play?

Play verb forms
Infinitive Present Participle Past Tense
play playing played

What is the verb of play?

verb. played; playing; plays. Definition of play (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1a : to engage in sport or recreation : frolic.

What is the noun of play?

noun. a dramatic composition or piece; drama. a dramatic performance, as on the stage. exercise or activity for amusement or recreation. fun or jest, as opposed to seriousness: I said it merely in play.

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What is another word for short play?

In this page you can discover 22 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for skit, like: sketch, play, caper, revue, squib, burlesque, parody, jeer, shtick, drama and act.

What is another word for play acting?

In this page you can discover 27 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for play-act, like: enact, , do, play, action, pratfall, impersonate, act, perform, portray and represent.

What is another name for a long play?

What is another word for long-play?
LP album
cassette EP
waxing forty-five
seventy-eight gramophone record
audio compilation black disc

What does play slang mean?

to do anything necessary to have sex with someone. He totally played his last ‘girlfriend.

What is the antonym of playing?

What is the opposite of playing?
ruining wrecking
hindering impeding
sabotaging spoiling
blowing botching
disrupting ending

What is another word for have fun?

What is another word for have fun?
play frolic
revel amuse oneself
dally rollick
skylark carouse
entertain oneself lark

What play simple means?

Play is a range of intrinsically motivated activities done for recreational pleasure and enjoyment. Play is commonly associated with children and juvenile-level activities, but play occurs at any life stage, and among other higher-functioning animals as well, most notably mammals and birds.

What kind of word is play?

Play can be a noun or a verb – Word Type.

What is the second form of play?

The second form of play is played.

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What is the adjective of play?

full of play or fun; sportive; frolicsome. pleasantly humorous or jesting:a playful remark.

What are the different types of play?

Types of play
  • Physical play. Physical play can include dancing or ball games. …
  • Social play. By playing with others, children learn how to take turns, cooperate and share. …
  • Constructive play. Constructive play allows children to experiment with drawing, music and building things. …
  • Fantasy play. …
  • Games with rules.

How do you use play in a sentence?

How to use Play in a sentence
  1. I love to play with little sister. …
  2. Want to play a game? …
  3. Would you like to play a game? …
  4. Sometimes Alex and Jonathan play soccer, and sometimes we all go for a ride in the buggy.

What is play with example?

Play means activity for fun or a dramatic performance. An example of play is building a house with blocks. An example of play is a performance of Shakespeare’s Macbeth. noun.

What is a mini play called?

miniplay (plural miniplays) A very short play (dramatic work). quotations ▼

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