What is a another word for function?

What is a another word for function?

purpose, role. (also rôle), task, work.

Which word is used for function?

What is another word for function?
job business
mission office
operation part
province purpose
employment aim

Is role another word for function?


1 character, part. 2 capacity, function; position, responsibility, duty.

Is a function of meaning?

The statement “y is a function of x” (denoted y = y(x)) means that y varies according to whatever value x takes on.

Which is another term?

What is another word for which is?
which one is who is
choose identify
pick select
which of these is point out
which one of these is

What is a function word example?

Function words are words that have a grammatical purpose. Function words include pronouns, determiners, and conjunctions. These include words such as he, the, those, and the words and or but.

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What is the verb of function?

verb. functioned; functioning\ ˈfəŋ(k)-​sh(ə-​)niŋ \ Definition of function (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to have a function : serve an attributive noun functions as an adjective.

Is function same as objective?

The objective function is the most general term that can be used to refer to a cost (or loss) function, to a utility function, or to a fitness function, so, depending on the problem, you either want to minimize or maximize the objective function. The term objective is a synonym for goal.

What is the closest antonym for the word function?

antonyms for functions
  • idleness.
  • inaction.
  • inactivity.
  • inertia.
  • irresponsibility.
  • pastime.
  • unemployment.
  • entertainment.

What is function simple word?

A function is defined as a relation between a set of inputs having one output each. In simple words, a function is a relationship between inputs where each input is related to exactly one output. Every function has a domain and codomain or range. A function is generally denoted by f(x) where x is the input.

How do you use the word function in a sentence?

Function sentence example
  1. But that, too, is a function of present technology. …
  2. In the sense he can function but the memory is probably gone for good. …
  3. Exportable technology can function around the world. …
  4. She didn’t understand how humans could feel so much and still function when she was overwhelmed.

How do you find a function?

Will also synonym?

Will also synonym?
and furthermore
moreover besides
further in addition
likewise plus
what is more after that
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Is have a function word?

11. The word have can appear in the same structure both as a function word and as a full word verb. 111. The word have can appear in several positions of various combinations of the structures shown in the formulas with a double structural use for a single have.

What word class is a function?

Function words might be prepositions, pronouns, auxiliary verbs, conjunctions, grammatical articles or particles, all of which belong to the group of closed-class words. Interjections are sometimes considered function words but they belong to the group of open-class words.

Is while a function word?

While is a word in the English language that functions both as a noun and as a subordinating conjunction.

What is the adjective of function?

functional. / (ˈfʌŋkʃənəl) / adjective. of, involving, or containing a function or functions.

What is the function of also?

Also is commonly used in writing, but is less common in speaking. Also occupies different positions in a sentence. We use also in front position to emphasise what follows or to add a new point or topic: It’s very humid. Also, you can easily get sunburnt.

Is feature and function same?

Features are the “tools” you use within a system to complete a set of tasks or actions. Functionality is how those features actually work to provide you with a desired outcome.

Is the main objective of the function?

One of these linear functions is the objective function. The objective function is a means to maximize (or minimize) something. This something is a numeric value. In the real world it could be the cost of a project, a production quantity, profit value, or even materials saved from a streamlined process.

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