What happens to Earl Kelly in Waterloo Road?

What happens to Earl Kelly in Waterloo Road?

In 2007, Noi joined BBC school drama Waterloo Road, playing a character named Noel Parkin in the 8th episode of Series 2, and later returned in 2009 to play bad boy Earl Kelly, who in the eighth episode of the series fatally shot his girlfriend Maxine Barlow (played by Ellie Paskell).

How did Denzil Kelly died in Waterloo Road?

When the Rochdale school closed down, Denzil made the decision to move to Scotland with his friends. As the group took photos at the Scottish border, a drunk lorry driver ran into the group. Denzil tragically died in the accident.

What happens to Earl’s baby Waterloo Road?

Jade told Maxine that Earl had said that they were going to have a family and live happily but then decided to sell the baby. Maxine realised that this is what Earl was planning to do to her. She subsequently broke up with Earl, which eventually led to him fatally shooting her.

Who played the Kelly family in Waterloo Road?

The family consists of alcoholic mother, Rose Kelly (Elaine Symons), and her five children, who all enrol at Waterloo Road and bring many problems with them. Later in the series, a major plot sees pupil Maxine Barlow (Ellie Paskell) led to tragedy after getting together with Earl Kelly (Reece Noi).

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Is Earl Kelly a psychopath?

Earl first appears along with the rest of his family in Waterloo Road series 4 episode 1. Whereas his older brother Marley is just a normal individual from a troubled background (their mother was an alcoholic) Earl is a borderline psychopath, as shown early on when he had smuggled a gun into school.

Does Jade give up her baby Waterloo Road?

He is subsequently arrested, and writes Jade a heartfelt letter, hoping her and their child will be happy. Later, she puts the baby up for adoption and gets interest from who she thought were the perfect couple, however she later finds out they were actually divorced.

Does Sambuca Kelly died in Waterloo Road?

Kenny first appeared in Waterloo Road on the first episode of the fourth series, broadcast on Wednesday 7 January 2009. Her final episode was on seventh series, which was broadcast on Wednesday 8 June 2011. After the character of Sambuca was killed off after suffering with a long-term brain tumour.

Do Marley and flick get back together?

After these events, Marley consoles a distraught Flick outside the ruined school as her dad is taken away in the police car. Marley graduated after this episode and he and Flick go to university where they continue their relationship.

What happens to Janice in Waterloo Road?

Janeece departed Waterloo Road after an extremely brief fling with Daniel Chalk, quitting her job and for pastures new with her mother in Ibiza with her young daughter Cheryl.

Why does Earl shoot Maxine?

Earl then says that they’re perfect together and he wouldn’t dream of selling their baby. Maxine then calls him a sick little boy and Earl loses it and shoots Maxine in the stomach. Earl realises what he’s done and makes a run for it.

What happened to Chlo and Donte baby in Waterloo Road?

Izzie Maxine Charles is the daughter of Chlo Grainger and Donte Charles. Izzie was named after Chlo’s late mother Izzie Redpath, who was fatally stabbed by Lewis Seddon’s cousin.

The Sandman Will Keep You Awake – The Loop.
Izzie Charles
Father Donte Charles
Grandmothers Izzie Redpath (Maternal, deceased)
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Who gives Maxine drugs in Waterloo Road?

Noel Parkin was a student at Waterloo Road who appeared in Series 2 Episode 8. He is seen going on the work experience day alongside Maxine Barlow, Stacey Appleyard, Donte Charles, Janeece Bryant and Chlo Grainger. He is Maxine’s drug dealer.

Why did Steph Haydock leave Waterloo Road?

In Episode 19, she was removed from the role of Finance Director after using sexual harassment as a means of getting money for the school.

Who was the longest serving Headteacher in Waterloo Road?

Grantly Budgen
Grantly Budgen (Philip Martin Brown, series 3−9; supporting series 1−2) is the longest-serving teacher in the school, and Head of English between series 1 and 4.

Who was in Waterloo Road the longest?

The longest-running cast members were Philip Martin Brown (Grantly Budgen), Jason Done (Tom Clarkson), Chelsee Healey (Janeece Bryant) and Denise Welch (Steph Haydock), who appeared from series 1 until their exits in series 9 for Brown, 8 for Done and Healey, and 6 for Welch, respectively.

Who killed the birds Waterloo Road?

Earl’s rivalry with Tom intensifies, as he starts killing pigeons and leaving them on Tom’s doorstep. In Episode 5, he claims that the pet cat has been dropping the birds outside Tom’s house – but Marley later reveals to Flick that they don’t have a cat.

Who plays Rachels sister in Waterloo Road?

Katy Jane Carmichael (born 5 March 1970) is an English actress, director and producer. She is most known for her roles Twist Morgan in the Channel 4 sitcom Spaced, Lucy Barlow in the ITV soap Coronation Street, and Melissa Ryan in Waterloo Road.

Who plays Rose Kelly Waterloo Road?

Elaine Symons
Elaine Symons (born 4 December 1974) is an Irish actress who was trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) and who has had roles on television since 1995.

Year 2009–2011
Film Waterloo Road
Role Rose Kelly
Notes Series regular; 39 episodes
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Is Mika pregnant Waterloo Road?

Mika is relieved that she is not pregnant but Brett is disappointed as he was beginning to get used to the idea of having a baby. Mika later rejoins the musical when her replacement Aleesha is forced to quit and Mika and Brett become friends once again. However, he is desperate to resume his relationship with Mika.

Does Tariq walk again?

Series 8. In Series 8 Episode 1 after the lorry crash Tariq has been left paralysed from the waist down and is now wheelchair bound. He lives in the school house and feels his life is over.

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