What happened with Mr Povey?

What happened with Mr Povey?

However, Povey announced his resignation as headteacher of Harrop Fold in September 2018 and revealed that the school had been accused of “deliberately ‘off-rolling’ students and coding attendance incorrectly”.

Why did Mr Povey resign?

He resigned to avoid “further damage to be caused” to the reputation of the school as a result of the investigation, as well as offering to work “pro-bono” to support the school over the coming year.

Whats Drew Povey doing now?

Now, Drew has his own business, Drew Povey Consultancy. Drew is described on the website as an “influential leadership authority with a unique multi sector viewpoint on creating innovative and sustainable change.”

Did Mr Povey get sacked?

Mr Povey has now quit his position, announcing his decision, “made with a heavy heart”, on Twitter.

Where is Mr Povey teaching now?

He is now working as a consultant within various industries.

How old is Povey?

Now in a frank interview with the Manchester Evening News Mr Povey, 40, has revealed how the turmoil at Harrop unfolded.

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Is Mr Chambers still at Harrop Fold?

Gary Chambers, who made 210 appearances for the Wire over 11 seasons before hanging his boots up in 2000, is now a teacher at Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton, near Bolton. The assistant head teacher will feature in a new documentary series following the lives of teachers and pupils at the school.

Which teachers were suspended from Harrop?

Educating Greater Manchester school headteacher Drew Povey quit after suspension. Educating Greater Manchester school headteacher Drew Povey quit his job after being suspended. He shot to overnight fame on the Channel 4 documentary Educating Greater Manchester which featured where he worked Harrop Fold School.

What happened Educating Essex?

Headteacher who starred in Channel 4 docu-series Educating Essex to step down from role after admitting he is ‘not the right person to lead’ The headteacher who starred in Channel 4 docu-series Educating Essex has decided to step down from his role after admitting that he is “not the right person to lead”.

What happened to Mr Mitchell from educating Yorkshire?

Two years after the show aired, Mr Mitchell left his role at the Dewsbury secondary school to became the headteacher of Co-op Academy Leeds in Harehills.

What happened at Harrop Fold school?

The school made famous in the TV documentary Educating Greater Manchester is changing its name and offering free blazers to pupils. From September, Harrop Fold School will become The Lowry Academy after it was taken out of council control.

Is there a new educating Manchester?

For the first time, the series would have returned to the same school for the sixth and seventh series, in Salford, after the fifth series was filmed at Harrop Fold School in Little Hulton, Salford.
Educating Greater Manchester 2
Original release 3 November – 17 November 2020
Season chronology
List of episodes
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Is the educating series over?

However, the series was cancelled after one series.

Where is Educating Greater Manchester filmed?

Cameras follow life at Harrop Fold Secondary School in Salford, Greater Manchester, a school at the heart of a changing community.

What is Lewis from educating Manchester youtube channel?

The pupil’s channel is thought to have been called ‘CAKKED MIXER‘, which can no longer be found. According to his brother Leyton, his account was deleted for copyright. On the show, it was said that he has 3.8 million subscribers.

Is educating Greater Manchester scripted?

They wrote exactly what happens when it happened. It saved us a lot of time having to go back through the recordings,” explains Smith. It’s from these logs that storylines were developed, with the hundreds of hours of notes whittled down into coherent narratives – essentially the script of the show.

What school was educating Manchester?

Harrop Fold
Harrop Fold, the school which starred in Educating Greater Manchester, is set to be taken out of the council’s control and be converted into an academy. Channel 4’s fly-on-the-wall documentary, which focused on the Salford school, returned to our screens this month, more than two years after it was filmed.

What is off Rolling students?

The DfE’s statutory guidance on suspension and permanent exclusion (from September 2022) includes the following examples of unlawful exclusions that would count as off-rolling: The pupil having special educational needs (SEN) or a disability that your school feels unable to meet. Poor academic ability or attainment.

Is Mr Drew still teaching?

STEPHEN Drew, the head teacher of Brentwood County High School, is stepping down this Friday after less than six years in the role. Harlow readers will best remember him as the personable deputy head of Passmores Academy in the Channel 4 series Educating Essex.

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What happened to Sheridan from Educating Yorkshire?

Unfortunately, Sheridan – one of the pupils he helped – narrowly missed out on a C, but she has since achieved that pass rate, according to Mr Steer who tutored her after the show. He recently worked at Offett Academy but is soon set to embark on a new leadership role at North Huddersfield Trust School.

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