What does windmilling mean in slang?

What does windmilling mean in slang?

According to Urban Dictionary, “the windmill” is a legit sex position. It happens when a man uses his hips to swing his penis in a circular motion, à la the majestic blades of a windmill.

What is Windmillin?

(wĭnd′mĭl′) n. 1. A machine that runs on the energy generated by a wheel of adjustable blades or slats rotated by the wind.

What is windmill fighting?

fight windmills in American English

or tilt at windmills. to fight imaginary evils or opponents.

What is windmill and example?

Wind turbines produce zero emissions and are renewable power sources. An example of a windmill is a wind turbine on top of a hill that captures and generates electricity. noun. 1. Anything like a windmill, as a propellerlike toy (pinwheel) revolved by wind.

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What does yanking mean?

: to pull on something with a quick vigorous movement. transitive verb. 1 : to pull or extract with a quick vigorous movement. 2 : to remove in or as if in an abrupt manner yanked the story from the evening edition. yank.

What does in their glory mean?

at one’s best
Definition of in one’s glory

: at one’s best : in one’s most happy, most beautiful, or most successful state When she’s on stage, she’s in her glory. The autumn leaves are in their glory now.

Where is turbine used?

Turbines are used in wind power, hydropower, in heat engines, and for propulsion. Turbines are extremely important because of the fact that nearly all electricity is produced by turning mechanical energy from a turbine into electrical energy via a generator.

How does a Dutch windmill work?

Windmills transfer wind energy to rotation energy by catching the movement through wings that are sent spinning. This movement is then used for all kinds of work, from pumping water and grinding corn, to creating electricity.

What does tilting at windmills mean today?

Definition of tilt at windmills

British. : to use time and energy to attack an enemy or problem that is not real or important.

Where did the phrase tilting at windmills come from?

Tilting at windmills is an English idiom which means “attacking imaginary enemies”, originating from Miguel de Cervantes’ novel Don Quixote.

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What does tilting at windows mean?

A tilt and turn window fundamentally opens on two axis: tilting when ventilation needed and turning mainly to provide a means of escape from a room in case of fire. In the tilt position, the window tilts inwards into the room – remaining fixed at the base.

Why is a windmill called a windmill?

These early windmills were used for exactly what their name implies — they were mills run by wind. Wind would spin the vanes, or blades, of the windmill, rotating a center shaft, which would then spin a grain mill, usually made of large, flat stones, to produce flour and other grain products.

What are the two uses of windmill?

The main purpose of windmill is to convert wind energy into electrical energy, and when electrical energy is obtained, the following are the ways it is used: For pumping of groundwater. Extraction of oil from the seeds. Milling of the grains.

How do windmill work?

Wind turbines work on a simple principle: instead of using electricity to make wind—like a fan—wind turbines use wind to make electricity. Wind turns the propeller-like blades of a turbine around a rotor, which spins a generator, which creates electricity.

What does my chain mean?

US, informal. : to deceive someone in a friendly or playful way : play a joke on someone I thought he really won the lottery but he was only pulling my chain.

What does Yoinked mean?

1. to take something with stealth, speed, and finesse. I yoinked that meal and the money.

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What does the word quiver?

: to shake or move with a slight trembling motion.

Who is a glorious man?

The definition of glorious is a person or thing that is magnificent and worthy of high praise.

What does a blaze of glory mean?

phrase. If you go out in a blaze of glory, you do something very dramatic at the end of your career or your life which makes you famous. I am going to make national news headlines and go out in a blaze of glory.

What does me and all my glory mean?

Definition of in all one’s glory

: looking very fine or impressive He was there in all his glory.

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