What does patronage mean in government?

What does patronage mean in government?

Political patronage is the appointment or hiring of a person to a government post on the basis of partisan loyalty. Elected officials at the national, state, and local levels of government use such appointments to reward the people who help them win and maintain office.

What is the best definition of patronage?

noun. the financial support or business provided to a store, hotel, or the like, by customers, clients, or paying guests. patrons collectively; clientele. the control of or power to make appointments to government jobs or the power to grant other political favors.

What is patronage give an example?

Patronage is customers or the financial support from customers or guests. An example of patronage is all of the customers at a deli. An example of patronage is money received by a hotel during a convention. noun. The act of distributing or appointing people to such positions.

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What is patronage in simple words?

patronage noun [U] (SUPPORT)

the support given to an organization by someone: The charity enjoys the patronage of many prominent local business people. mainly disapproving. the power of a person to give someone an important job or position: Patronage is a potent force if used politically.

What is the patronage system quizlet?

patronage system. A system in which elected officials appoint their supporters to administrative jobs, used by political machines to maintain themselves in power.

What is political patronage quizlet?

patronage. Granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support.

How do you use the word patronage?

The college relied on the patronage of its wealthy graduates to expand its funds. They thanked her for her patronage of the new hospital.

What type of word is patronage?

As detailed above, ‘patronage’ can be a verb or a noun. Noun usage: His vigorous patronage of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives. Noun usage: The restaurant had an upper class patronage.

How do you say the word patronage?

What is the power of patronage quizlet?

What is the power of patronage? The resources available to higher officials, usually opportunities to make political appointments to offices and confer grants, licenses or special favors to supporters.

What do patrons do?

The primary role of a patron is to lend credibility and support. They don’t play a formal part in the organisation, but are usually listed on letterheads, appeal brochures and publicity material to help raise awareness and trust. Most organisations would benefit from a patron.

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What are patronage jobs quizlet?

Patronage. The bureaucracy became a place to reward loyal party leaders with federal jobs, a practice known as patronage. Granting favors or giving contracts or making appointments to office in return for political support.

What is an antonym for patronage?

Opposite of a protection or patronage. opposition. powerlessness. weakness. incapacity.

Who does a patron support?

A patron supports someone or something. A patron of a business supports the business by being a loyal customer. A patron of the arts helps support starving artists — financially, not with food rations.

What does non patronage mean?

Non-patronage Earnings means, during the fiscal year, the amount by which revenue, income and gains, which are derived from the sale of a good or service or other sources not from or directly related to a Cooperative Service and for which the Cooperative is not obligated to provide or sale on a Patronage basis ( …

How did progressives respond to patronage?

Progressives believed that the first key to efficient government was ending the patronage system and awarding jobs to experts. The second step was removing the dictator-like structure of city governments in favor of systems that spread power among specialists who were selected to head specific departments.

Which of the following is a consequence of replacing political patronage with the merit system?

What is a consequence of replacing political patronage with the merit system? If politics change, the forces of those politics cannot fire bureaucratic agents. Shielded from political forces.

What replaced the spoils system?

The Pendleton Federal Civil Service Act of 1883 provided the initial basis for the adoption of the merit system in the recruitment of federal officials, and by the late 20th century merit systems had almost completely replaced the spoils system at the federal, state, and city levels of government.

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What is another term for political patronage?

favouritism bias nepotism nepotism benefaction espousal encouragement assistance championship aid help support patronage.

What is political patronage give at least one example of a president using political patronage quizlet?

Give at least one example of a president using political patronage. —The current Attorney General of the United States, Jeff Sessions (former Senator from Alabama) was nominated by the president to serve as Attorney General as a reward for helping the president get elected.

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