What does Aunt Alexandra teach Scout?

What does Aunt Alexandra teach Scout?

In Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra is a motherly influence on Scout and Jem who tries to teach them how a Finch should act. For example, Aunt Alexandra teaches the children how to act when she first arrives at the house. In fact, she corrects Scout soon after she steps through the door.

Who is Aunt Alexandra to Atticus?

Alexandra Finch is Atticus and Uncle Jack’s sister, Jem and Scout’s aunt, Francis’s grandmother. She lives at Finch’s Landing, which is associated with a past of cotton-growing and slave-owning.

Is Aunt Alexandra rude?

Aunt Alexandra, started off as a rude and bossy woman, but as she became closer to Atticus, Jem, and Scout, she changed into a more loving and compassionate person. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra is influenced by the Finches during her stay at their home.

What is Aunt Alexandra concerned with?

Aunt Alexandra first features in the story when Atticus, Jem and Scout go to spend Christmas at Finch’s Landing. Aunt Alexandra disapproves of Scout’s tomboy ways. She is very concerned with turning her niece into a `lady’, and thus provides a contrast to other main adult characters like Atticus and Miss Maudie.

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Is Aunt Alexandra a good person?

Aunt Alexandra is a poised, well-mannered Southern woman. She is critical of Scout’s tomboyish ways. She considers family breeding important to how a person behaves. Despite her cold demeanor, Aunt Alexandra is shown to care deeply for her family.

Why does Aunt Alexandra get angry with Atticus?

Why does Aunt Alexandra get angry with Atticus? She gets angry with him because he allows Scout to act however she wants and wear whatever she wants without any judgement. What does Atticus tell the children about being Finches?

Why is Aunt Alexandra so critical of Scout?

Why is Aunt Alexandra so critical of Scout? Scout does not behave and dress like a lady. Why does Aunt Alexandra come to visit? She wants Scout to have a feminine influence.

What’s Aunt Alexandra’s view of femininity?

Aunt Alexandra repeatedly tells her that she cannot be a lady if she does not dress like one, and that she should engage in more ‘girly’ activities.

Why is Aunt Alexandra so proud of the finches?

How does Aunt Alexandra feel about the Finch family name? She is proud of it because they are an old Southern family. She is embarrassed by it and tries to act classy to make up for it.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not like Calpurnia?

he wants Atticus to fire Calpurnia. Alexandra believes that now that she is there, the family does not need Calpurnia anymore. In addition, it is clear that she does not like the fact that Calpurnia has influence over Scout.

How does Aunt Alexandra explain human behavior?

She doesn’t like it. what is aunt Alexandra’s major theory concerning human behavior? How does Jem point out the irrationality of it? that humans can be defined by genetic traits/streaks and by how long they’ve lived on their land. He says that would make the Ewells good people when they aren’t.

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Why does Aunt Alexandra want to dismiss Calpurnia?

Aunt Alexandra tells Atticus that since she has moved in, they can dismiss Calpurnia. Aunt Alexandra prefers that the children are raised by a white woman and not a black woman. Atticus said that Calpurnia is already part of the family and the children see her as something close to mother.

What are the first two things Aunt Alexandra says?

Read the first two things Aunt Alexandra says when she comes to the Finch home: “Put my bag in the front bedroom, Calpurnia” and “Jean Louise, stop scratching(v. 抓;搔) your head”.

How does Aunt Alexandra treat Calpurnia?

She is treated disrespectfully by Aunt Alexandra, “Put my bag in the front bedroom, Calpurnia.” Calpurnia is viewed with suspicion by Aunt Alexandra, who does not trust her to cook for the Missionary Society, “she did not permit Calpurnia to make the delicacies”.

How does Scout feel about Alexandra?

Aunt Alexandra believes that Scout needs the influence of a woman in the house. Scout is not happy about Aunt Alexandra’s arrival.

How does Alexandra change the family?

How does Alexandra change the family? More specifically, how does she change Atticus? – She constantly reminds Scout to behave, dress, and occupy herself like a lady. – She causes more distance between Scout and Jem when Jem tells her to “mind” Aunt Alexandra.

Who is hiding under Scout’s bed?

Atticus breaks up the fight and sends them to bed. Scout discovers something under her bed. She calls Jem in and they discover Dill hiding there. Dill has run away from home because his mother and new father did not pay enough attention to him.

What does Aunt Alexandra forbid Scout from doing?

In fact, one man on the jury wanted to acquit—amazingly, it was one of the Cunninghams. Upon hearing this revelation, Scout announces that she wants to invite young Walter Cunningham to dinner, but Aunt Alexandra expressly forbids it, telling her that the Finches do not associate with trash.

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What does Aunt Alexandra tell Atticus not to do in front of Calpurnia?

Aunt Alexandra refuses to allow Scout to visit Calpurnia because young white girls don’t spend time in black people’s neighborhoods, and definitely not inside their houses. In fact, Aunt Alexandra thinks that Atticus should terminate Calpurnia’s employment with the family.

Why does Aunt Alexandra confine the children to the yard?

Answers 1. This allows Jem to describe all the characters proceeding to the town for the trial. It provides a little demographic cross-section of Maycomb.

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