What does a Totum card do?

What does a Totum card do?

TOTUM is the #1 student discount card and app giving you access to huge offers on food and essentials, tech, travel and home delivery. Plus fashion, beauty and a whole lot more. In-store and online, TOTUM puts all the best student coupons, vouchers and discounts right where you want them – in your pocket.

Who is eligible for Totum?

Both TOTUM and TOTUM Digital are available to current active students aged 16 or over, studying full or part-time in Further or Higher Education (e.g. college, 6th form, university). Your course should require at least 10 hours of study per week for a minimum of 12 weeks (or a minimum of 120 hours total).

Is it free to join Totum?

Our TOTUM DIGITAL membership is 100% FREE for students and gives you access to a curated list of hundreds of student discounts, including ASOS, boohoo, MyProtein and more.

Do Totum cards work?

TOTUM + age ID card uses PASS

It is the most widely recognised and authentic proof of age scheme in the UK. More retailers and businesses know and understand what the PASS logo and hologram means than with any other ID scheme.

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What shops can I use my Totum card?

TOTUM Student Discount
  • 10% off at the Co-op.
  • 10% off ASOS.
  • 25% off Odeon student priced tickets.
  • Up to 40% off at Las Iguanas.
  • 10% Megabus (online only)

Does Totum count as student ID?

This means that your TOTUM card can be used in ID, when buying certain items, when you need ID at the club etc. – anytime you need to ID’d. Your TOTUM card also includes International Student Identity Card, which is recognised and valid for discounts worldwide. You can buy your card online.

Is it worth getting a Totum card?

It’s got your back the entirety of your degree

If you buy a two-year TOTUM card, they’ll chuck in another year for free, meaning you’re covered for your whole course. It’s dependable, it’s your bank account’s best friend, and it’s a nice treat to have for working so hard.

Is a student discount card free?

Certain schemes may entice you with the offer of a free discount card or railcard, for example, banks sometimes give you these cards free of charge if you sign up to an undergraduate account. So, keep your eye open for any of these offers.

How do I get a student card without being a student UK?

How to Get an NUS Card Without Being a Student (legally)
  1. Sign up to a course. They are always being advertised really cheaply on deal sites. …
  2. Then apply for an NUS using eCareers. When it asks where you study and they cost £12 and you can complete it all online including the upload of a selfie for the photo bit.

How do you get a Totum card if you are not a student?

The TOTUM Lite card is 100% free, but you’ll need to be an actual student to get verified and get it. You need to have a valid student email account to complete this verification. The TOTUM Pro card is specifically for part time learners studying towards professional qualifications.

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How does Totum verify student status?

How do we verify you as a student?
  1. Your college/university portal – just log in with your student email and password and you’ll be verified quickly.
  2. Place of study email address – we’ll email you a special link to your place of study email address to verify you.

How do I get a UK student ID?

Apply for Student ID card online
  1. Complete online enrolment.
  2. Check you have a UK address registered.
  3. Have a passport style photo ready.
  4. Have a photo identification document ready.
  5. Start your Student ID card application.

Is a Totum card proof of ID?

The TOTUM + ID card is accredited by PASS, which means it is part of the most popular and widely accepted form of proof of age ID in the UK. More retailers, pub chains and bars know and understand what the PASS hologram and logo means than any other form of ID card.

How do you get a Totum card if you are not a student 2022?

To sign up for a TOTUM card, head over to their website TOTUM where you’ll be asked to enter your email address and create a secure password. If you have a college or university email address, you can add it here, if not you can add your personal email.

What benefits do you get from an NUS card?

An NUS card is (unsurprisingly from its name), a student card which can gain you a whole host of discounts and benefits from participating high street retailers and many more organisations. The NUS card discounts range across many different areas one, from travel, food and movies to entertainment.

Does Tesco do student discount?

Up to 30% off Big Brand Deals | Tesco Student Discounts.

Do any supermarkets offer student discount?

And, don’t forget that you can get student discount at supermarkets. With the More for Students scheme at Morrisons, you can get exclusive discounts and offers. Co-op also offers 10% off to students with a TOTUM card.

What discounts can I get as a student UK?

UK student discounts for clothing
  • ASOS – 10 percent discount all year round, with occasional 25 percent offers. …
  • Boohoo – 10 percent off all year round.
  • Burton – 10 percent off all year round.
  • French Connection – 10 percent off online and in store.
  • New Look – Year-round 10 percent discount using a UNiDAYS code.
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Do Open Uni students get a student card?

As an OU student you’re eligible to apply for the TOTUM card. TOTUM is the new name for the NUS (National Union of Students) Extra card. This card proves your status as a student and gives you access to a broad range of discounts and offers.

Who owns Totum card?

NUS extra
TOTUM, powered by NUS extra, is your brand new student discount card. At just £14.99 for a 12 month card it’s a campus essential – helping you to save loads of money with offers and discounts at some of your favourite brands…

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