What are the forms of estar?

What are the forms of estar?

Forms of Estar: Present, Imperfect, & Subjunctive.

How do you conjugate ser in Spanish?

Futuro – Future Tense
  1. yo seré – I will be.
  2. tú serás – you will be.
  3. vos serás – you (South American) will be.
  4. él/ella/usted será – he/she/you (formal) will be.
  5. nosotros/as seremos – we will be.
  6. vosotros/as seréis – you (plural) will be.
  7. ustedes serán – you (plural) will be.
  8. ellos/as serán – they will be.

What are the 6 forms of Ser?

Lesson: Ser or Estar in Spanish
Yo (I) soy estoy
Tú (You) eres estás
Él/Ella (He/She) es está
Nosotros/Nosotras (We) somos estamos

What are 5 sentences using ser?

Read and listen to these sentences with ser:
  • Yo soy rubia. I am blonde.
  • Tú eres médico. You are a doctor.
  • Él es alto. He is tall.
  • Nosotros somos hermanos. We are brothers.
  • Mis hermanos son irlandeses.My brothers are Irish.
  • Laura y Sarah son francesas. Laura and Sarah are French.
  • Ustedes son enfermeros. You are nurses.
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How do you use ser forms?

the two ways of saying “to be” in Spanish, and when to use each one
  1. I am. Play. yo soy. (ser) …
  2. you are. Play. tú eres. (ser) …
  3. he / she / it is. Play. él es. (ser) …
  4. we are. Play. nosotros somos. (ser) …
  5. you all are. (Latin American Spanish) Play. ustedes son. …
  6. you all are. (European Spanish) Play. vosotros sois. …
  7. they are. Play. ellos son. (ser)

What is the past tense of ser?

Ser Past Tense
Pronoun Pretérito
yo fui
él/ella fue
nosotros fuimos
8 Jul 2020

What are ser and estar verbs?

Ser and estar are the two verbs most frequently used as the equivalent of the English “to be.” Ser typically is used in describing the nature of someone or something. Estar typically is used in referring to a state of being that isn’t necessarily innate.

What is ser vs estar?

The Spanish verb ser is usually used to describe traits that are permanent. On the other hand, estar is used to refer to conditions that are temporary. As you go through this guide, think of the way in which the uses of ser are permanent and the uses of estar are temporary.

What are 10 sentences using estar?

Using Estar to Express Feeling
  • Estoy muy enojado. – I am very angry.
  • Mi padre y yo estamos ocupados. – My father and I are busy.
  • ¿Estás cansado? – Are you tired?
  • La casa está limpia. – The house is clean.
  • Mi habitación está ordenada. – My room is tidy.
  • La tienda está cerrada. …
  • El niño está aburrido. …
  • El niño es aburrido.
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What do ser mean?

ser (plural sers) (in some fantasy novels) An address or courtesy title to any person, especially if their gender and/or form of address are unknown.

How do you use ser in a question?

The Ser vs. Estar Question: To Be or to Be?
  1. Use Ser When Describing People or Things.
  2. Use Ser to Describe a Person’s Occupation.
  3. Use Ser to Talk About Relationships.
  4. Use Ser to Talk About Possession.
  5. Use Ser to Talk About the Time.

What is ser used for?

Ser is used in a simple way, to talk about WHAT something is (permanent state). To describe characteristics that are an essential part of the thing we’re talking about. Estar is used to talk about HOW something is, so we use it for conditions, locations, emotions, and actions (temporary states).

Is was ser or IR?

The verbs ir (to go) and ser (to be) both have exactly the same forms in the simple past tense. —¿Fuiste a mi casa ayer? —Sí, pero no estabas. -Did you go to my house yesterday? -Yes, but you weren’t there.

Is fue ser or IR?

In this lesson, you learned how to conjugate the verbs ser and estar in the preterite tense. Ser was easy because, even though it is irregular in the preterite, it is exactly the same as the verb ir (to go): fui, fuiste, fue, fuimos, fuisteis, fueron.

How do you remember ser y estar?

The uses of ser can be memorised using the acronym “DOCTOR”: Date/description. Occupation. Characteristic.

“Estar” can be remembered using the acronym “PLACE”:
  1. Position.
  2. Location.
  3. Action.
  4. Condition.
  5. Emotion.

What are the 14 Spanish verb tenses?

In total, there are 14 (7 simple and 7 compound): Present, Imperfect, Preterite, Future, Conditional, Present Perfect, Pluperfect, Preterit Perfect, Future Perfect, Conditional Perfect, Present Subjunctive, Imperfect Subjunctive, Present Perfect Subjunctive, and Pluperfect Subjunctive.

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Is job ser or estar?

When we want to talk about a temporary job we use the verb estar (not ser), followed by the preposition de.

Do you use ser for location?

Ser When Referring to Location. Although both are verbs for “to be,” estar and ser are seldom interchangeable, and that is true especially when they are used for location. Although estar typically is used to describe where a person or thing is located, when speaking of events ser must be used.

What is the conjugation of venir?

Venir in the Indicative Present
Pronoun Spanish English
Yo vengo I come
vienes you come
Ella / Él / Usted viene s/he come, you (formal) come
Nosotras / Nosotros venimos we come

Is saber an irregular verb?

The verb saber is irregular as it does not follow the usual pattern for Spanish verbs ending in “-er”. Moreover, saber (meaning “to know”) can be a transitive or an intransitive verb depending on the context.

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