Is White House Farm Tolleshunt D Arcy still there?

Is White House Farm Tolleshunt D Arcy still there?

White House Farm was located nearby Tolleshunt D’Arcy, which is a small village in Essex. The filming for the TV was done just a few miles from the scene of the 1985 crime. According to HITC, the house was never demolished following the crimes, and is now used by a classic car rental company, Eastcoast Classic.

Who lives in White House Farm today?

Bamber was arrested on September 8, 1985, and interviewed over three days. Eaton went on to testify against Bamber at his trial. Since his conviction, Bamber was disinherited and the estate passed to the Boutflour/Eaton family. According to the Metro, Eaton now lives on the White House Farm estate with her family.

Who inherited White House Farm?

In their wills, June left £230,000 (c. £608,000) and Nevill £380,000 (c. £1,004,000). During the murder trial, the court heard that the Bambers had left their estate to Jeremy and Sheila, to be divided equally.

Why was Julie Mugford not prosecuted?

Julie Mugford had no motive to lie

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She had already committed cheque book fraud and the evidence suggests that she was given immunity from prosecution in exchange for her testimony.

Is Ann Eaton still alive?

According to the Metro, Eaton now lives on the estate with her family. Gemma Whelan who plays Ann Eaton in the series told Bradford Zone: “Ann became very frustrated because the police had decided it was a case of murder-suicide with Sheila as the killer and would not listen to her suspicions.

What happened to the property of White House Farm?

According to HITC, White House Farm was never demolished and is said to be used for a classic car rental company. While The Mirror reported Bamber had claimed in a letter from prison to a well-wisher, he said his mother’s niece Ann Eaton was living at the property.

Is White House Farm still occupied?

The farm was never demolished following on from the harrowing events but was rather turned into the home of Eastcoast Classics, a classic car rental company who, as HITC revealed, “have a collection of iconic and classic vehicles to rent for events such as weddings or even family holidays.”

What happened to the Bamber money?

In 2004, Bamber went to the High Court again to claim a share of the profits from the Bambers’ caravan site in Maldon. He had retained his shares after his conviction, but had sold them to pay the legal costs arising from his claim on his grandmother’s estate.

Where is Judy Mugford now?

Where is Julie Mugford now? After testifying against Bamber, she left the UK to travel. After settling in Winnipeg, she became a teacher. She worked as a vice-principal at a primary school before taking on a management role in the Winnipeg Schools Division.

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Where is Colin caffell now?

Where is Colin Caffell now? Caffell remarried and now lives with his wife in Cornwall after he decided to close up his psychotherapy practice. He has since spent the last 15 to 20 years becoming a professional artist, creating sculptures and pottery.

Why is Bamber guilty?

The jury dismissed Bamber’s version of events and found him guilty of the murders with police claiming that Bamber, who stood to inherit half a million pounds, was spurred by greed.

What happened to Stan Jones?

Stanley Davis Jones (June 5, 1914 – December 13, 1963) was an American songwriter and actor, primarily writing Western music.

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Who is Robert Boutflour?

The late Robert Boutflour was the husband of Pamela, June Bamber’s sister. After the tragic events at White House Farm on 7 August 1985, Robert, admitted he was immediately dissatisfied with the police investigations and the pathologist’s conclusions that Sheila Caffell had killed the family then herself.

How much did White House Farm sell for?

White House Farm was part of the Boulge Hall Estate owned by the Fitzgerald family (In 1859 Edward Fitzgerald translated the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam from the original Persian). Covering 115 acres of tenanted farmland, White House Farm was sold in 1927 to the Palmer family for just over £100.

What evidence did they have on Jeremy Bamber?

One of the key planks in the prosecution case at Bamber’s original trial was evidence showing Nevill had been involved in a violent struggle with his killer in the kitchen before he died. The jury was told Ms Caffell bore no marks or injuries suggesting she had been the other person involved.

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What is Jeremy Bamber doing now?

Where is Bamber now? Jeremy Bamber is currently one of 75 prisoners in the UK serving a life sentence behind bars. He’s a category A prisoner in HM Prison Wakefield, Yorkshire.

Is Julie Mugford married?

Julie eventually moved and started a new life in Winnipeg, Canada, where she subsequently changed her name. According to the Mirror, she has worked as a teacher and vice principal, is a mother-of-two and is married to Canadian-born Glen Smerchanski.

Where is Julie from White House Farm now?

Julie is now an education officer in Winnipeg. One of her neighbours told the Mail On Sunday: “She’s rebuilt her life. She’s not the same person now and then. She and Glen are a lovely couple.”

Where can I watch White House farm the new evidence?

The Bambers: Murder At The Farm will be shown on Sky Crime and NOW TV at 9pm. The documentary is one of the first projects to emerge from Theroux’s newly formed production house — Mindhouse Productions. It is a grisly four-part series that delves into the case that remains in the public eye more than three decades on.

Where are the caffell twins buried?

June and Nevill, who were both 61 when they died, had their ashes buried at St Nicholas Church. They had both been regular church goers there, and were both church wardens. White House Farm continues on ITV tonight at 9pm.

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