Is tediousness a real word?

Is tediousness a real word?

adj. 1. Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; boring.

What is a sentence for tediousness?

The uniform result of all experiments has only been to demonstrate the scientific soundness of the ordinary process of water-retting, and all the proposed improvements of recent times seek to obviate the tediousness, difficulties and uncertainties of the process as carried on in the open air.

What is the synonym of tedious?

Words related to tedious

annoying, banal, boring, dreary, endless, exhausting, humdrum, laborious, tiresome, tiring, uninteresting, arid, bromidic, drab, dragging, draggy, drudging, dry, dull as dishwater, dusty.

What is the meaning of tedious person?

adjective. full of tedium; long or verbose and wearisome; tiresome; boring.

How do you pronounce tediousness?

How do you pronounce tediously?

Is tedious a negative word?

We hope your day isn’t dull, uneventful, or tedious! Each of today’s Synonym Sunday words has a negative meaning similar to the word “boring.” Check out our #AmericanEnglish graphic for these adjectives: dull, uneventful, dry, stale, uninteresting, monotonous, mind-numbing, repetitive & tedious.

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How do you spell Whoop whoop?

or woop woop

noun Australian Slang: Disparaging.

Does tedious mean difficult?

If you describe something such as a job, task, or situation as tedious, you mean it is boring and rather frustrating.

How do you use tedious in a sentence?

Tedious sentence example. It gets tedious, but I get a kick out of doing it that way. The production of this is always a tedious task. This method is very tedious in detail.

Does tedious mean annoying?

Annoying; disagreeable; offensive; uncongenial. Slow; slow-going: as, a tedious course. Synonyms Tiresome, Irksome, etc.

Is tedious a good word?

Tedious definition

Tiresome by reason of length, slowness, or dullness; boring. Full of tedium; long or verbose and wearisome; tiresome; boring. (obsolete) Moving or progressing very slowly. The definition of tedious is something that is boring and repetitive.

Is tedious a feeling?

Tedium is the state of being really bored while doing something repetitive.

What type of word is tedious?

As detailed above, ‘tedious’ is an adjective.

Is succinctness a word?

Meaning of succinctness in English. the quality of being expressed clearly and without unnecessary words: He made his point with admirable and moving succinctness.

How do you pronounce lysias?

How do you say the word arduous?

Can tedious be an adverb?

He kept tediously repeating himself.

How do you read fragile?

How do you say the word monotonous?

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