Is Mandy and myrtle a spoof?

Is Mandy and myrtle a spoof?

In the run-up to the comedy series being launched, some trailers showing Amanda Holden and her wild life with “nan” Myrtle left viewers wondering one thing: was it all real? Well… no, the series is fictional, but is filmed in a reality style for added humour.

Who is Myrtle in Mandy and Myrtle?

Leigh Francis
Key cast & crew credits
Leigh Francis Myrtle
Hollie Hughes Hollie
Jonny Weldon Jonny
Madeline Nash Lexi
Amanda Holden Self

Where is Amanda and Myrtle filmed?

Amanda has not one but two glamorous UK houses. The one that features on the show is located in Richmond, London. The house which is usually lived in by Amanda, her husband Chris Hughes and their children, Lexi, 14 and Hollie, 8, is now also the home to Grandma Myrtle during filming.

What day is Mandy and Myrtle?

The eight-part series will be shown on E4 and available on All 4 soon, though producers have not revealed the premier date yet. The British Comedy guide claims episodes one and two will debut on Tuesday 7th September 2021 at 10pm and 10.30pm.

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Is Amanda Holden a mum?

The presenter is a mum-of-two. Amanda Holden had plenty to celebrate on Thursday morning after her daughter Lexi received some good news. Taking to Instagram Stories, the BGT presenter penned a sweet message to congratulate her teenage daughter on her stellar GCSE results.

Is there going to be another series of Mandy and Myrtle?

The comedy mockumentary series is set to return for a second run, according to reports. The Holden Girls: Mandy & Myrtle starred Amanda Holden as herself, with Leigh Francis (aka Keith Lemon) starring as Amanda’s nan Myrtle.

How many episodes are there of Amanda and Myrtle?

Eight episode
Eight episode faux-reality mockumentary comedy series depicting the life of TV’s Amanda Holden as she persuades her lonely nan to relocate from Doncaster to live with her in her swanky Londo… Read all.

What’s happened to Amanda Holden?

She currently co-hosts the Heart Breakfast radio show with Jamie Theakston on weekday mornings.

Who plays Amanda’s Nan?

comedian Leigh Francis
Amanda Holden fans have been left further confused by the true identity of the TV star’s ‘husband’ in her new comedy show. Initially, they found themselves questioning who Amanda’s ‘nan’ was before it was revealed to be comedian Leigh Francis – aka Keith Lemon.

Who is Amanda Holden daughter?Hollie Rose HughesAlexa Louise Florence H…

Amanda Holden/Daughters

What happened to Chris Hughes Love Island?

Love Island’s Chris Hughes ‘SPLITS from his golfer girlfriend Annabel Dimmock just a year after they started dating’ The couple, who went Instagram official in August 2021, had documented their romance on social media and even shared their matching tattoos in September.

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Has Amanda Holden left heart radio for good?

Amanda Holden and Ashley Roberts both looked incredible as they departed Heart Radio after hosting their morning breakfast show on Friday. Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda, 51, cut a typically stylish figure for the outing as she donned a red long-sleeved sequinned top with feathered cuffs.

How much does Howie Mandel make?

Salary Highlights

For his work on “America’s Got Talent,” Howie Mandel earns a salary of $70,000 per episode.

How long was Amanda Holden in a coma?

After the delivery of Hollie, now 3, the Britain’s Got Talent judge was ‘moments from death’ when she suffered a torn artery and her heart stopped for 40 seconds. Amanda spent 3 days in intensive care.

How many weeks was Amanda Holden stillbirth?

28 weeks
Amanda Holden shares poignant tribute to her stillborn son

Theo was stillborn 28 weeks into Amanda’s pregnancy. She described in her 2013 memoir No Holding Back how she had got up and had a bath on the morning of 1 February 2011, when she noticed that she hadn’t felt him kicking in a while.

How old was Amanda Holden when she had her first baby?

Amanda Holden – who was 34 when she had the first of her children – married their father, record producer Chris Hughes, in 2008.

How old is Amanda Holden’s eldest daughter?

Amanda Holden has revealed her daughter Lexi, 16, will finish her education first before she emarks on her burgeoning modelling career. The Britain’s Got Talent judge, 51, revealed earlier this month that her eldest daughter has signed with Storm modelling agency as she follows in her mother’s showbusiness footsteps.

Is Amanda Holden rich?

Amanda Holden Net Worth: Amanda Holden is a well-known British actress, television presenter, singer, and author, who has a net worth of $7 Million US as of 2022.

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Who is Nana Myrtle?

Viewers called it

One said: “Amanda Holden’s “Nan” is 100% Keith Lemon aka Leigh Francis. Just looks like a slightly more modern version of his Bo Selecta characters.” Another added: “Kept seeing ads for that Mandy & Myrtle thing. Amanda Holden with her ‘nan’ that looks just like Leigh Francis and sure enough it is.”

Who is Lexi Holden’s father?

Amanda and Chris’ children:

Alexa ‘Lexi’ Louise Florence, born 21 January 2006. Theo, born February 2011. Theo was stillborn 7 months into Amanda’s pregnancy.

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