In which episode Elena turns into a vampire?

In which episode Elena turns into a vampire?

It seemed inevitable from the beginning of The Vampire Diaries that Elena would eventually become a vampire and it finally came to fruition in the season 4 episode “Growing Pains.” This episode mainly features Elena coming to terms with her transformation and debating whether she wanted to become one of the undead.

Who turns Elena into a vampire?

To save her, Doctor Meredith Fell (Torrey DeVitto) fed Elena Damon’s blood. Rebekah Mikaelson kills Elena on Wickery Bridge, unaware of the vampire blood in her system. She woke up as a vampire at the end of the season.

Does Elena turn back into a vampire in Season 7?

Elena Returned In ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Finale For A Surprise Cameo & It Will Give You All The Feels.

Do Damon and Elena get married?

In the final season of the show’s spin-off series The Originals, a medical clinic in Mystic Falls has the name “Elena Salvatore M.D” embedded on the glass. This means that Damon and Elena are married and that she successfully becomes a medical doctor.

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Did Elena and Damon have a baby?

While many of the characters are new and delving into their own narratives, there’s one in particular from Legacies who got everyone talking. Prepare yourselves for this one: Damon and Elena have a daughter. And her name is Stefanie Salvatore.

Who is the father of Elena’s baby?

Jonathan Fraser
In the premiere episode of the six-part miniseries, Elena Alves (Matilda De Angelis) is brutally murdered, and now it looks like Jonathan Fraser (Hugh Grant) may be responsible for her death. Not only that, but it turns out, he’s the father of her newborn daughter.

Who did Bonnie end up with?

“I held onto that in my head until we were breaking the series finale and broke an entire version of the series finale that had that, that Bonnie found her happiness with Matt Donovan and they had everything they’d ever wanted, a family, a human family, and beautiful Bennett-Donovan children running around.

Who is most powerful in vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries Universe: 15 Most Powerful Vampires
  • Hope. …
  • The Original Siblings. …
  • Marcel. …
  • Alaric Saltzman. …
  • Lucien. …
  • Klaus. …
  • Mikael. …
  • Silas. Silas is the world’s first immortal who’s also the most powerful vampire in the TVD universe, although his powers have only been used as plot holes.

Does Bonnie become a vampire?

Damon was pretty horrible to Bonnie in The Vampire Diaries. After all, he was the one to kill her mom and transform her into a vampire. Yet, once the two are in the 1994 prison world in Season 6, they bond and become very good friends.

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How long is Elena in a coma?

6 years
She does not wake up until just before May 2019, when Bonnie somehow finds a way of breaking the spell. This puts the time that Elena was in the coma at 6 years give or take, as mentioned above.

Do Elena and Damon turn human?

By the series finale of The Vampire Diaries, both Nina Dobrev’s Elena and Ian Somerhalder’s Damon were human, living a happy, married life.

Who is Elena and Damon daughter?

‘Legacies’ Season 5: Stefanie Salvatore — Damon & Elena’s Daughter | TVLine.

In what episode does Elena get pregnant?

Black Hole Sun (The Vampire Diaries)
“Black Hole Sun”
Episode no. Season 6 Episode 4
Directed by Kellie Cyrus
Written by Melinda Hsu Taylor Neil Reynolds
Production code 2J7854

Did Damon cheat on Elena?

While Damon and Elena (Nina Dobrev) fans were dealt a pretty devastating blow in last week’s episode, with Damon burning Elena’s body and all, Damon drove the stake in the Delena fanbase’s collective heart even further when he hooked up with someone else. Yep, it finally happened, and we were NOT happy about it.

Why did Elena leave the show?

I feel like I’m a completely different person than I was, and I’ve grown so much. It’s been a big part of my life, and I want it to be beautiful. I want it to end well.” The Vampire Diaries, starring Nina Dobrev, is available to stream on Netflix.

Is Elena alive in Legacies?

Like mentioned before, Elena and Damon did live a long and happy life together before they both died. Since Legacies takes place about 10 or so years after the end of The Vampire Diaries, they are both still together and alive.

Will Bonnie be in Legacies?

Bonnie Bennett is not coming back. With the Vampire Diaries universe officially ending next week on The CW with the series finale of Legacies, an era is coming to a close after 13 years.

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Why is Caroline not in Legacies?

Candice King: Oh, it was a very easy decision because we’d been trying to make this happen for such a long time. After I played in Vampire and then subsequently The Originals, I needed some time at home with my family and both of those shows filmed in Atlanta, as did Legacies.

Will Elena get pregnant in The Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries had established that a vampire can’t get pregnant, yet in Season 7, Caroline Forbes gives births to twins. In The Vampire Diaries, one of the prime reasons Elena Gilbert never enjoys being a vampire is the fact that her transformation has rendered her sterile.

When did Elena have Dom’s baby?

Elena goes on to become close friends with Dominic and his family and later relocates to Los Angeles to work with Hobbs in the Diplomatic Security Service. In 2014, she gives birth to hers and Dominic son, Marcos.

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