How old is Kel Allen from Corrie?

How old is Kel Allen from Corrie?

Coronation Street fans were astounded after it was claimed Kel Allen could be just 29 years old. Kel plays Laura Neelan, a tragic mum to a 16-year-old, who captivated viewers of the ITV soap for sacrificing herself to save her daughter Kelly’s future.

Is Kel Allen in Emmerdale?

Kel Allen is an actress, known for Cobra (2020), Cutting It (2002) and Emmerdale Farm (1972).

Who plays Kelly’s mom on Coronation Street?

Sally Carman
Born 9 May 1981 (age 41 years), Mexborough Bentley, South Yorkshire, England
Other names Sally Carman-Duttine
Occupation Actress
Years active 1997–present

How old is Gary Corrie?

Mikey North
Born Michael North 27 September 1986 Cayton, North Yorkshire, England
Occupation Actor
Years active 2005–present
Known for Role of Gary Windass in Coronation Street (2008–)
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How old is Laura in Coronation Street in real life?

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While another commented: “I’ve only recently found out that Kel Allen who plays Laura is only 28 years old. I thought that she was much older than that.”

How old is Abby in Corrie?

What is her background? Sally Carman, 36, was born May 9, 1981 and is an English actress.

How old is Laura neelan Corrie?

Thank you for subscribing! Coronation Street’s Laura Neelan star Kel Allen has been forced to address rumours that she is 28. Only recently, ITV soap fans have been speculating over the actress’ age after it was reported that she was in her 20s and born in the early 90s.

Who is Kel Allen in Coronation Street?

Kel – who recently left her role as Laura Neelan – confirmed her real age on social media, after it was reported she was born in 1992. The actress told fans she had been confused with Paralympian Kelly Allen – who is 29. She wrote: ‘I’m not 28, throw on another decade!

Who is the new black woman in Coronation Street?

Kimberly Hart-Simpson has debuted a new look while also showing off her unusually-designed home. The Coronation Street actress, who fans best know the actress for playing Nicky Wheatley in the ITV soap, has swapped her blonde locks for a more striking white do as she modelled her latest fashion creation.

What happened to Kelly mum in Coronation Street?

ITV Coronation Street viewers were distracted as Laura Neelan died in tonight’s episode. Friday’s edition of the long-running soap aired heart-breaking scenes as the character tragically lost her battle with cancer.

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Who is Abby from Corrie married to?

Coronation Street stars Sally Carman and Joe Duttine have tied the knot, two years after first getting engaged. Sally, who portrays Abi Webster on the ITV soap, shared the happy news on Friday (July 15), with a touching picture of she and Tim Metcalfe star Joe, kissing in front of a ring of balloons.

How did Gary Mallett leave Corrie?

They started a relationship and, in October 2000, Gary decided to leave Weatherfield behind for a new life in Blackpool with Paula and Warren. After he handed over the keys to 9 Coronation Street to Jack and Vera, who he had remained on good terms with, the family of five were waved off by Gary’s friends.

How old is Maria in Coronation Street?

Samia was born on July 13, 1982 in Eccles, Great Manchester and is 39. Her parents are French-Lebanese shop owner Joseph and British actress Patsy.

How is Izzy related to Joseph in Corrie?

Izzy was the first member of the Armstrong family to be introduced, her father Owen and sister Katy arrived within two months after her first appearance.

Izzy Armstrong.
In-universe information
Sisters Katy Armstrong
Sons Jake Windass
Nephews Joseph Brown

What is Bethany Platt’s real name?

Lucy Fallon (born 13 November 1995) is an English actress. She played Bethany Platt in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street (2015–2020).

Who plays Rick’s wife in Coronation Street?

Kel Allen
Kel Allen appeared on Coronation Street in two roles: firstly in January 2018 as Lulu Lockett, manager of strip club Tassels where Bethany Platt was briefly employed; and she returned to the programme as Laura Neelan, the unsuspecting widow of murdered loan shark Rick Neelan, making intermittent appearances between …

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Who’s the father of Abby’s baby in Coronation Street?

Coronation Street fans say ‘plot hole’ proves Kevin is the father of Abi’s baby – Liverpool Echo.

Is Abi from Coronation Street married in real life?

Coronation Street’s Abi Webster and Tim Metcalfe stars are now officially married.

Do Kevin and Abi get back together?

Coronation Street has confirmed a reunion for estranged couple Abi and Kevin Webster. The pair are drawn back together over the coming days as Kevin chooses to help Abi with her drastic plans to flee the country with her baby son Alfie. This Friday’s episode sees Kevin admit to Abi that he never stopped loving her.

Who is Laura Neelan?

Laura Neelan was the estranged wife of loan shark Rick Neelan and mother of Kelly. When Gary Windass murdered Rick in June 2019 he was found out by one of Rick’s associates, Sharon Geary, who threatened to tell the authorities unless Gary financially supported Rick’s daughter in his absence.

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