How much does an ultrasound tech make an hour in Florida?

How much does an ultrasound tech make an hour in Florida?

$26.78 per hour
Average base salary

The average salary for a sonographer is $26.78 per hour in Florida. 364 salaries reported, updated at August 26, 2022.

What is the highest paid ultrasound tech?

The Highest-paying Specialties for an Ultrasound Technician:
  • Neuro (brain) sonography: $112,000.
  • Pediatric cardiac sonography: $80,000.
  • Cardiac sonography: $79,000.
  • Vascular sonography: $68,000.
  • Ob/gyn sonography: $68,000.

How much do ultrasound techs make in Florida in 2022?

The average ultrasound technician salary in Florida is about $32.70 an hour, which translates to $68,010 a year.

What is the Average Salary of an Ultrasound Tech in the State of Florida?
Type Salary
Hourly $32.70
Monthly $5,670
Annual $68,010
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How long does it take to become an ultrasound tech in Florida?

New and exciting job opportunities continue to open up in the field every day. Plus, you can start working as an ultrasound technician much more quickly than you might have realized. With a degree from Florida National University, you can receive the education you need to excel on the job in as little as 26 months.

How long is sonography school?

Many education paths are available for prospective sonographers, but the most common is a 2-year degree through an accredited sonography training program. Bachelor’s degrees are also available, as are 1-year certificate programs in sonography for persons already trained in another healthcare field.

How much does an xray tech make in Florida?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $72,202 and as low as $21,993, the majority of X Ray Technician salaries currently range between $34,441 (25th percentile) to $51,454 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $64,733 annually in Florida.

How hard is it to be a sonographer?

It’s a job that requires technical savvy, detailed knowledge of human anatomy, and the interpersonal skills necessary to make a patient feel at ease during the procedure. Being an ultrasound technician may seem like a daunting job, but it only takes a minimum of two years to complete the schooling necessary.

How can an ultrasound tech make more money?

Several factors that may contribute to ultrasound technicians obtaining a higher salary may include education, certification, and location. Typically, the more specialized and higher level of education and training obtained by the technician, the higher the salary.

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How many ultrasounds should a sonographer do in a day?

On an average day, the majority of sonographers perform 9–11 examinations [1] that can last anywhere between 20–45 minutes [2]. This results in spending an average of 5–7 hours per day actively performing ultrasound examinations [2].

How much does an OB GYN sonographer make in Florida?

$51,869 is the 25th percentile. Salaries below this are outliers. $68,883 is the 90th percentile.

What should I major in to become a sonographer?

This regionally-accredited program comprises a bachelor’s degree in medical sonography and a master’s degree in health science. The 37-credit program includes an internship, a research methods course, and a practicum.

How much do MRI Techs Make in Florida?

Avg Salary

MRI technologists earn an average yearly salary of $71,140. Wages typically start from $47,470 and go up to $79,900.

Is sonography easier than nursing?

Yet, to become a Registered Nurse, you’ll need to attend a two-year Associate program. Due to these requirements, a sonography program might be a bit more challenging than a CNA program.

Do nurses or sonographers make more money?

The pay for nurses and sonographers is comparable, with the BLS reporting a median annual wage of $75,330 for registered nurses and $75,920 for diagnostic medical sonographers as of 2020.

What does an ultrasound tech do?

A diagnostic ultrasound technician uses specialized equipment to examine parts of the human body including the abdomen, reproductive systems, prostate, heart and blood vessels. Sonographers help physicians and other medical professionals detect heart disease, vascular diseases, pregnancy and much more.

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How often do sonographers work?

Most full-time Sonographers work about 40 hours a week. Hospital-based Sonographers may work evenings and weekends. They may also be scheduled to work on call, so they must be ready to report to work on short notice.

Why is sonography so competitive?

Sonography Programs are extremely competitive because there are only a limited amount of spots available. Hence, making a great first impression is crucial to be accepted into the program.

Why do you want to be a sonographer?

If you’re interested in a career in diagnostic imaging, sonography is a great career choice because it’s safe, non-invasive, and low-risk. As opposed to other career paths in this line of medicine, sonographers and their patients aren’t exposed to harmful radiation day after day.

What is the highest paying medical imaging job?

Top Careers in Medical Imaging
Specialty Median Annual Salary Job Growth Rate
Nuclear Medicine Technologist $78,760 8%
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer $77,740 19%
MRI/Radiologic Technologist $61,980 9%
Cardiovascular Technologist $60,570 8%

How do I become a MRI tech in Florida?

Licensing and Certifications

To become a certified MRI technologist, you need to graduate from an accredited MRI technologist program. Florida also either requires students to pass an exam to become certified as an MRI technologist or will allow for certification by endorsement.

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