How long is the ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Cherbourg?

How long is the ferry crossing from Portsmouth to Cherbourg?

The Portsmouth to Cherbourg route offers overnight sailings on our cruise ferries, Galicia, Salamanca, and Santoña, that take 8 hours so you can arrive refreshed after a good night’s sleep and ready to start your holiday. Or sail high-speed in the summer aboard Liberation.

What is the quickest ferry crossing to France?

Dover to Calais
Ferries to France – FAQs

Dover to Calais is the quickest ferry crossing to France. This route takes approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. 2 operators sail on this route with 25 daily sailings. The next quickest route is Dover to Dunkirk, which takes approximately 2 hours, with 12 daily sailings.

How long is ferry from Portsmouth to St Malo?

10 ¾ hours
Portsmouth to St Malo route details
Average crossing time 10 ¾ hours
No. of sailings from Portsmouth One per day
Departure time from Portsmouth Portsmouth to St Malo Timetable
No. of sailings from St Malo One per day
Departure time from St Malo St Malo to Portsmouth Timetable
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Which Ferries go to France from Portsmouth?

Brittany Ferries
The Portsmouth Caen ferry route connects England with France. There is just 1 ferry company operating this route, Brittany Ferries. The crossing operates up to 21 times weekly with sailing duration around 5 hours 45 minutes.

Is Cherbourg worth visiting?

A maritime town and ONE OF FRANCE’S GREATest PORTS

It was an obvious place for a fortified port. Cherbourg prides itself on a vibrant local lifestyle and culture with its Italian-style theater, art and history museums, its basilica, the Ravalet castle and, of course, the Cité de la Mer.

Who sails Portsmouth to Cherbourg?

Brittany Ferries
The Portsmouth Cherbourg ferry route connects England with France. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Brittany Ferries. This ferry to France crossing operates up to 9 times each week with sailing durations from around 3 hours.

What is the shortest ferry route from England to France?

The shortest ferry crossing is the Dover to Calais ferry which on average takes approximately 90 minutes whilst the longest is just under 11 hours.

Is Eurotunnel cheaper than ferry?

Generally speaking the ferry is usually slightly cheaper, but whichever option you choose, make sure to shop around for deals and book well ahead of time to get the best-value fares.

What is the shortest crossing from England to France?

The shortest distance across the strait is from the South Foreland, some 6 km (4 mi) north-east of Dover in the county of Kent, England, to Cap Gris Nez, a cape near Calais in the département of Pas-de-Calais, France.

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Is St Malo worth visiting?

St Malo is a great place, and the nearby Dinard & Dinan are really worth to visit, as well.

What ferries leave from Portsmouth?

Portsmouth Ferry crossings are operated by Brittany Ferries, Wightlink & Condor Ferries and depending on time of year you’ll find a choice of up to 35 ferry crossings daily. There are up to 35 ferry crossings daily from Portsmouth with sailing durations starting from 45 minutes.

How long is the ferry from Portsmouth to Caen?

We have two ferries regularly operating on this crossing with options to suit everyone. Relax on one of our cruise ferries, Mont St Michel or Normandie , for a crossing of around 6 hours with the option of overnight travel. Portsmouth and Caen are bustling ports with plenty of amenities close at hand.

How long is ferry from Poole to Cherbourg?

4 hrs 30 mins
Sail to France in just 4 hrs 30 mins

Poole to Cherbourg is Brittany Ferries’ shortest crossing making it an especially convenient choice. For our fastest conventional cruise ferry sailing to France, choose Barfleur and reach Cherbourg in just 4 hours 30 mins.

How long is ferry crossing Portsmouth to Le Havre?

approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes
How long is the Portsmouth Le Havre crossing? The crossing takes approximately 5 hours and 30 minutes however this is dependant upon the time of day. How many crossings are there per day? Brittany Ferries currently offer up to 4 crossings per week on their ferry timetable.

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Can you get a ferry from UK to South of France?

WHERE CAN YOU GET A FERRY TO FRANCE FROM THE UK? Sail to France from Portsmouth, Poole and Plymouth on the south coast of England. Portsmouth is just 2 hours from London and has routes to the French ports of St Malo, Caen, Cherbourg and Le Havre. Sail to Roscoff from Plymouth and Cherbourg from Poole.

How far is Normandy from Cherbourg?

How far is it from Normandy to Cherbourg-Octeville? The distance between Normandy and Cherbourg-Octeville is 154 km. The road distance is 215.6 km.

What event is Cherbourg known for?

The Battle of Cherbourg was part of the Battle of Normandy during World War II. It was fought immediately after the successful Allied landings on 6 June 1944.

Where do cruise ships dock in Cherbourg?

The Quai de France
The Quai de France is the main cruise terminal where cruise ships dock when they visit Cherbourg. This is where the Cité de la Mer, one of the main tourist attractions in the city, is located, and in relation to the centre it is only just over 1km walking distance.

How long is the ferry from Southampton to Cherbourg?

The best way to get from Southampton to Cherbourg without a car is to taxi and car ferry which takes 5h 47m and costs £100 – £160.

How fast do Brittany Ferries go?

Normandie Express is a high-speed catamaran capable of carrying passengers, vehicles and freight at a maximum speed of 42 Knots (about 78 kilometres per hour).

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