How long is Gobbins walk?

How long is Gobbins walk?

3 miles
The Gobbins is a physically challenging walk. A moderate standard of fitness is required. The path is 3 miles (5km) long, quite narrow, with many hand-carved and uneven steps. The entire walk is the equivalent of climbing and descending 50 flights of stairs.

Can you do Gobbins without a tour?

6 answers. No. You must book a tour and go with a guide. It is locked.

Is the Gobbins walk difficult?

The Gobbins Walkway is a tough, 3-mile walk. The ground is uneven and the walk is the equivalent of going up and down 50 flights of steps.

Is Gobbins cliff path free?

There is a viewing platform that projects out over one cliff. The upper path is free, you pay to go along the bridges below under the cliffs.

Are dogs allowed at the Gobbins?

No, no animals are allowed.

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Where does the Causeway Coastal Route start?

Belfast City
The Causeway Coastal Route starts in Belfast City and ends in Derry. It follows the coast road through the nine Glens of Antrim, peaking at the Giant’s Causeway before powering on through to its final destination.

Where are the Glens of Antrim?

Northern Ireland
The Glens of Antrim, known locally as simply The Glens, is a region of County Antrim, Northern Ireland. It comprises nine glens (valleys), that radiate from the Antrim Plateau to the coast. The Glens are an area of outstanding natural beauty and are a major tourist attraction in north Antrim.

Should dogs be on leads on beaches?

Keep your dog on a lead between March and August on these beaches, and in any other areas where you think there might be wildlife, so they can’t disturb the birds. Seals: If you’re in area known for seals, keep your dog on a lead.

Where can I take my dog in Northern Ireland?

Best Dog Walks in Northern Ireland
  • Connswater Community Greenway, Co. Antrim. …
  • Tom’s Island Walk – Castle Archdale, Co. Fermanagh. …
  • Drumnaph Woodland Trail, Co. Derry~Londonderry. …
  • Drumkeeragh Forest, Co. Down. …
  • Terrace Hill Trail, Co. Antrim. …
  • Gortin Forest – Pollan Trail, Co. Tyrone. …
  • Quoile River Walk, Co. …
  • Moydamlagh Forest, Co.

Is Carnfunnock Park dog friendly?

DOG ZONES We are a dog friendly park but expect all dog owners to keep control of their furry companions and respect the zoned areas. If nature calls, dog bins are provided throughout the park. Failure to use them can result in a fine. Please see our ‘Ruff’ guide to Carnfunnock for more information.

How long is the Causeway Coast Way?

32 miles
The Causeway Coast Way follows Northern Ireland’s most celebrated and dramatic stretch of coastline, being that which runs between Ballycastle and Portstewart. The path extends for 51 kilometres (32 miles) over easy walking terrain of clifftops, beaches, promenades and occasional country roads.

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Where should I stop between Dublin and Belfast?

Best stops along Dublin to Belfast drive. The top stops along the way from Dublin to Belfast (with short detours) are The Book of Kells, St Stephen’s Green, and Crumlin Road Gaol Visitor Attraction and Conference Centre. Other popular stops include Trinity College Dublin, Ulster Museum, and The Little Museum of Dublin.

Is Derry worth visiting?

Derry might not be as popular as Belfast or the Giants Causeway, but it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked on a visit to Northern Ireland. Although smaller than Belfast, Derry is rich in history, culture and possesses bucketloads of charm. There is a reason that it was named the first UK City of Culture in 2013.

What does Bally mean in Irish?

place of
Bally is an extremely common prefix to town names in Ireland, and is derived from the Gaelic phrase ‘Baile na’, meaning ‘place of‘. It is not quite right to translate it ‘town of’, as there were few, if any, towns in Ireland at the time these names were formed.

What are the seven Glens of Antrim?

The ‘lucky’ seven are: Glenarm, Glencloy, Glenariff, Glenballyeamon, Glenaan, Glencorp and Glendun.

Which is the most famous of the nine hills of the Glens of Antrim?


Known as the arable valley or the valley of the ploughman, Glenariff is the largest of the 9 Antrim Glens. It’s among the most popular to visit and has earned the nickname, the ‘Queen of the Glens’, due to its stunning natural beauty.

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Should I rinse my dog after the beach?

You should always give your pet a thorough rinse after a trip to the beach in order to remove any sand or salt that has built up in their fur, which could cause skin irritation. Some dogs with longer hair or more sensitive skin may require a full bath after the beach.

Is it illegal to have a dog in the front seat?

It’s legal to take your pet in the car with you, so long as you properly restrain them, don’t let them sit in the front seats, or let them stick their head out of the window.

How long can you leave a dog alone Rspca?

four hours

The length of time a dog can be left alone depends on the individual dog but we advise that they are left for no longer than four hours so they have opportunities to exercise, go to the toilet, and spend time with people.

Is Giant’s Causeway dog-friendly?

We are delighted to deliver some ‘paw-some’ news! We recently trialled a dog-friendly policy within the Visitor Centre and, following 100% positive feedback on the trial, we can now confim we are now fully dog-friendly.

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