How do you unlock Beneviento treasure?

How do you unlock Beneviento treasure?

How do you get Benevento’s treasure in re8?

In order to get the Benevento Treasure in Resident Evil Village, you will need to locate the broken slab from the church graveyard within the Village. It’s important to note that this broken slab item is only available during your third visit to the village, which takes place after the ‘House Beneviento’ mission.

Is Beneviento treasure missable?

WARNING: THIS TREASURE IS MISSABLE! This treasure can be obtained AFTER you get the flask from Beneviento house. Before being able to get the treasure you first need to grab the Headstone Slab located in a crypt in the Graveyard area in front of the gate leading to Castle Dimetresu.

Why can’t I get Beneviento’s treasure?

In order to get the Beneviento Grave treasure, the player has to retrieve the Broken Slab from the gated crypt near the Maiden of War statue in the center of the village, but if the bug happens the crypt won’t open and the treasure can’t be retrieved.

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Should I sell the Lemi?

Players should definitely sell the LEMI once they find the M1911. The Stronghold in particular is a nightmare waiting to happen for anyone still using the LEMI. To find the M1911, head to the Workshop area of the Village after leaving Castle Dimitrescu and enter this code into the safe in the northwest house: 070408.

Can I sell Angie re8?

After completing your boss fight with both Donna Beneviento and Angie at House Beneviento, inspect Donna’s body to pick up the Angie Treasure. If you choose to sell her to The Duke, you’ll make 28,000 Lei in return.

What is Luiza’s key used for?

Luiza’s Key – Use

Luiza’s Key is needed to open the chest where Cesare’s Goblet is. Cesare’s Goblet is a treasure that you can then sell for money!

Can you go back to the castle after killing Lady dimitrescu?

The short and only answer is No after you have left Dimitrescu Castle, killing the mutated version of the 9-foot tall woman and her daughters, you cannot get back into the castle and the area is locked off. The bridges are raised and the one access point to the castle is no longer accessible.

Can you go back to Castle Dimitrescu?

You will not be able to go back to Castle Dimitrescu once you’ve found a special knife. As soon as you pick it up, you’ll set off a sequence of events which’ll lead to you getting shut out for good.

Is Moreau’s hidden weapon missable?

This marks the location of a treasure. Now, as the name is Moreau’s Hidden Weapon, and it’s clearly visible underground, you may think it necessary to spend ages exploring down there so you don’t miss the gun. Fear not, you don’t need explosives, a spade, or any special item here, simply follow the path.

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Can you go back to Moreau?

Once Moreau has been defeated and the Reservoir has been drained, if the player needs to find these fish or just wants to scour the area for items, do so before entering the lift otherwise most of Moreau’s territory will be inaccessible.

Are there missable items in Resident Evil Village?

There is only one missable treasure in Resident Evil Village, where the seven can be obtained during Ethan’s later visits to the village before heading to the last area, which is the factory.

Who was Claudia Beneviento?

Claudia Beneviento (1987–1996) was a noblewoman born into House Beneviento. She was a close relative of Donna Beneviento. She was buried in the garden with Berengario’s Chalice, a family heirloom.

What goes on Benevento’s grave?

Inspecting the item reveals that the name on the grave is ‘Claudia‘, so let’s take it back to where it belongs.

Where is the ball for Benevento?

Sun and Moon Ball Location

The Sun and Moon Ball can be found inside a chest on the ground near a gravestone in the Garden area as you make your way back from House Beneviento. Note that you can only access this area after defeating Angie and Donna.

Is V61 better than M1911?

While the V61 Custom has the best stats when fully upgraded, it’s not the best choice for a first playthrough. The M1911 is as robust at its base level as the LEMI is fully upgraded. It also has the advantage of being an auto-pistol. If players hold the trigger, the gun will continue to fire.

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What is the strongest pistol in re8?

V61 Custom is a fully automatic weapon with the highest stats of all handgun weapons, making it the best handgun you can get in the game. Its customizable parts can be purchased from the Duke in New Game +, making it even stronger.

Is WCX or Dragoon better?

The WCX is better than the Dragoon, making it the best assault rifle in Resident Evil Village. In terms of base stats, the Dragoon is actually superior in almost every way. Problem is, the Dragoon full-auto AR is not upgradable in RE Village.

Should I sell the Crystal Skull?

Crystal Skulls are purely used to earn money from the Duke. They aren’t needed for puzzles or story objectives throughout the main game, so you can get rid of them as you play. Inspecting them in the inventory menu doesn’t reveal any secrets or extra items either.

Is Angie Donna Beneviento?

Donna Beneviento operates a puppet called Angie. Clad in mourning black with her face covered, everything about Donna remains a mystery.

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