How do you get the rattle in Skyward Sword?

How do you get the rattle in Skyward Sword?

To retrieve it, Link must Clawshots his way onto the floating islands near the Waterfall Cave until he reaches one with a large pool of Water. From there, he must dive down onto the bird’s nest on a small windmill and use the Gust Bellows to uncover the Rattle.

What is the rattle for in Skyward Sword?

Getting the Rattle

Use them to climb the vines on the small islands high above Waterfall Cave. From the waterfall on the top island, you can leap and control your fall to land on the bird’s nest.

Who do you give the rattle to in Skyward Sword?

Deliver the baby rattle to the house at night, and Bertie will be incredibly thankful, rewarding you with Gratitude Crystals. That’s another side quest complete, and a step closer to 100% completion.

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Where is Bertie’s house Skyward Sword?

eastern Skyloft
He is the husband of Luv, and the father of an infant child, and they live together in a house in eastern Skyloft.

What happens if you open the chest in Batreaux house?

Once the hero has collected a certain number of Gratitude Crystals, a treasure chest will appear in Batreaux’s House. Batreaux warns Link that the contents inside the chest are very dangerous. If Link ignores what he says and opens it anyways, he will obtain the Cursed Medal.

Where is the baby rattle in Skyward Sword HD?

Where To Find The Missing Baby Rattle. The baby rattle is up in a bird’s nest on top of the windmill by Kukiel’s house, but players won’t be able to get up there by conventional means. Instead, they’ll need to head over towards the waterfall cave and look for a floating island above them in the west.

Should I give the letter to Karane?

If you don’t feel like haunting Cawlin, you can actually give the letter to Karane. Go down to the first floor classroom to find Karane by herself. Talk to her about Cawlin’s Letter and make note of Karane muttering about Pipit. Head on up to the second floor to find Pipit roaming the halls.

How many gratitude crystals do I need?

80 Gratitude Crystals
You need to collect all 80 Gratitude Crystals to fulfil Batreaux’s wish and, once you’ve accomplished this goal, monsters will stop prowling Skyloft at night and Remlits will no longer attack you.

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What is the best shield in Skyward Sword?

The Hylian Shield
The Hylian Shield is the best shield in Skyward Sword, because it’s larger size provides more protection and it happens to be indestructible.

How do I make my baby sleep in Skyward Sword?

Where is pipit at night?

He lives in Skyloft.

How do you get gratitude crystals out of fledge?

After bringing him two Stamina Potions on two separate nights, his workout will improve and, when you talk to him on the third night he will give you 5 Gratitude Crystals. Note: You cannot get the crystals from Fledge until AFTER getting the Second Flame in Lanayru Desert.

How do you get into the bath at night in Skyward Sword?

If you want to turn Cawlin’s love letter into toilet paper by giving it to the haunted restroom in Skyward Sword, you first need to sleep till night time again. Next, return to the restroom and, since you have paper, the inhabitant of the restroom will let you in.

How many life medals are there in Skyward Sword?

two Life Medals
There are two Life Medals in the game, completing the maximum of 20 Heart Containers. You can equip both Life Medals to fully extend your life meter, but each takes up a space in your Adventure Pouch.

Where can I find Batreaux?

Batreaux is a friendly Demon who wishes to be Human in Skyward Sword. He lives in a shack below the Graveyard of Skyloft.

Should Beatrix chest open?

Once Link has collected thirty Gratitude Crystals and given them to Batreaux, he is rewarded with the Big Wallet. After he tells Link to please continue helping him, a treasure chest appears to the side of the room. If Link goes near it, Batreaux stops him and urges him not to open the chest under any circumstances.

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What happens if you say you like Peatrice?

If he tells her that he likes her, she will reward him with five Gratitude Crystals and Fi’s comment will change to confirm that Link is interested in Peatrice, and advises him not to mention her around Zelda.

Does Batreaux become human?

Batreaux is a demon who lives beneath Skyloft in a shack. You can meet him for the first time during the Lost Child Side Quest. He is a kind demon who has befriended Kukiel. After giving him all 80 Crystals, he becomes human and can be found in the Bazaar during the day, and on the bridge at night.

Where is the potion shop owners house in Skyward Sword?

Luv and Bertie’s Potion Shop is located in the Bazaar on Skyloft in Skyward Sword. If Link talks to Luv during his first visit, he receives an Empty Bottle.

How do you get a treasure chest in Skyloft?

You need to land on the upper ledge of the island to reach the chest. Activate the Goddess Cube outside the Skyview Temple and open the chest on an island south of Skyloft.

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