Does Dave play Modie in Top Boy?

Does Dave play Modie in Top Boy?

Top Boy has returned to Netflix for its second run on the streaming platform. Morris ‘Modie’ Gregor (Dave) became one of the main antagonists in the previous season. However, the character does not make an appearance in the latest instalment.

Where does Dave appear in Top Boy?

David Omoregie (aka Dave) stars as Modie in Season 3 of “Top Boy.”

What episode does Dave come in Top Boy?

UK rapper Dave is making his acting debut in the third series of the gritty show. The 21-year-old plays Modie who has quite the exchange with Sully in episode two while locked up in prison.

Who shoots Jamie in Top Boy?

It was perhaps the most shocking moment of Top Boy’s four seasons to date: Just as it looked like a happy ending was on the cards in this year’s finale, Micheal Ward’s Jamie met a shocking and grisly end at the hands of Kano’s Sully.

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Why does Sully dislike Jamie?

Sully had other reasons not to trust Jamie, especially after he tried to have Sully killed in Season 1. Despite Jamie proving his loyalty to Dushane by killing Kit, Sully may have suspected he was playing the long game and would one day turn against Dushane and Sully to become the Top Boy.

Is Modie alive?

There was 8 main characters killed off being Leon, Michael, Jason, Modie, Dris, Ats, Kit and Jamie.

What did Modie go to jail?

the possession and sale of drugs
Portrayed by

He was eventually imprisoned for the possession and sale of drugs, leading to a power struggle between Jamie and Leyton for leadership of the gang.

What season was Modie in Top Boy?

Season 3
Modie is the central antagonist in Season 3 of Top Boy. He is a hot-headed, former leader of the fields.

Who dies in season 4 Top Boy?

It was revealed in episode 6 that Ats was killed by Dexter (Micah Loubon), who was working for Kit – furious at Ats for having betrayed Jamie and his brothers, Kit wanted to teach the teen a lesson and so ordered Dexter to “scare” him, but in the resulting scuffle, Ats tried to grab Dexter’s knife and ended up …

How did Dris betray Summerhouse?

In the 9th episode Dris is dropping off his daughter at school who gets approached by Jermaine (Sully’s estranged cousin) and then Dris sells Dushane and Sully out to Jermaine and escaped prisoner Modie and also sells his friends out to Jamie who was the leader of the fields who were at war with Summerhouse.

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Who was Jason to Sully?

After stealing his phone, Sully took a shine to Jason and decided to have him run errands while he focused on his illegal doings. Sully and Jason clearly remained close friends as six years later he was the only person left to greet Sully when he’s released from prison.

What did Dris give Jamie?

A surprised Jamie lets Dris know that he will be finished when Summerhouse discovers his disloyalty; Dris still gives Jamie the fake intelligence. Afterward, Dushane sets-up Jamie by calling the police about the bag of illegal items that Ats stashed at his friend Stef’s home.

How did Jamie go to jail in Top Boy?

Dris leaks Jamie the information, but Dushane outsmarts Jamie again with Jaq getting Ats who is the best friend of his younger brother Stefan by planting the drugs and weapons from a bag which results in Aaron, Stefan and Abbie being arrested. Instead Jamie turns himself in and goes to prison.

Is jaq a boy or girl?

Jaq is a newcomer to the world of Top Boy but is clearly not afraid to show her mettle. Star Jobson also shared a snap from the set of the show in which she hailed her co-star Walters. READ MORE: Top Boy season 3: What happened to Tilly? Is she dead?

How old is Sully Top Boy?

Kane Robinson aka Kano, as Sully

Kane Robinson, 36, better known as Kano, is a British rapper, songwriter and actor from East Ham, London.

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Who killed Leyton Top Boy?

Sully survives and Leyton is later shot dead by Farah (Seraphina Beh), one of Jamie’s soldiers.

Why did Sully and Dushane fall out?

At the end of “Top Boy” season 1, Sully and Dushane had fallen apart as Sully didn’t approve of Dushane’s ways of dealing with situations. Sully didn’t want to involve kids in dealing with Jamie, while Dushane didn’t want to spill unnecessary blood to end the competition.

What happens to Jamie in Top Boy?

Jamie (played by Micheal Ward) finally met his demise after several brushes with death at the hands of Sully (Kane ‘Kano’ Robinson) who arrived at his door and shot him dead in front of his brothers.

Is Blue story linked to Top Boy?

Ward, 24, rose to prominence after starring as Jamie Tovell in the Netflix reboot of Top Boy and later secured a role in Blue Story, which followed the rivalry between two postcode gangs in London.

What order should you watch Top Boy?

Here’s how to watch the Top Boy seasons in the correct order on Netflix:
  • Top Boy: Summerhouse season 1.
  • Top Boy: Summerhouse season 2.
  • Top Boy season 1.
  • Top Boy season 2.

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