Do you need insurance for bouncy castles?

Do you need insurance for bouncy castles?

Absolutely YES you definitely need public liability insurance if you are hiring out bouncy castles or inflatables to the general public. There are lots of insurance companies that specifically deal with leisure insurance lie hiring out bouncy castles etc.

Do bouncy castles need to be tested?

According to health and safety law, all bouncy castle equipment used “as a slide or for bouncing upon” by members of the public needs to be regularly tested by a “competent” person. The inspection needs to be carried out before the bouncy castle is first used.

What happens if you hire a bouncy castle and it rains?

Bouncy Castles and inflatables are not recommended to be used in Rain, heavy winds or snow due to health and safety issues and damage to equipment so not only would it be putting users at risk of being injured it will also cause wear and tear on your bouncy castles and can cause damage.

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What wind speed is safe for a bouncy castles?

24 mph
When setting up, carry out the following safety checks in line with the inflatable’s operator manual: No inflatable should be used in winds above 24 mph (38 kmph), which is Force 5 on the Beaufort Scale (small trees in leaf begin to sway) Certain inflatables may have a lower maximum wind speed for operation.

What insurance do I need to hire out soft play?

Both public and personal liability insurances should be a key consideration and if you have anyone working for you it is a legal requirement to have employer’s liability insurance in place too. Discussing your business with Just Quote Me gives you an opportunity to discuss all your potential soft play insurance needs.

Is a bounce house business profitable?

How much profit can an inflatable bounce house business make? Industry research indicates an average of 1.5 rentals per week, which comes out to $188 per week per bounce house. If you invest in 4 bounce houses, your business will draw in about $750 per week.

How long do bouncy castles last?

You buy a vinyl crossover inflatable, you keep it clean, you patch damage as quickly as possible, and you store it correctly. How long do bounce houses last when you follow every guideline? A well cared for bounce house will last a rental company a good four to six years.

Can you put a bouncy castle on council land?

Absolutely not without gaining permission in writing from the council. It’s unlikely that you will get permission for a bouncy castle in a public space. There are lots of implications regarding insurance, liability etc.

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Can you put a jumping castle on concrete?

Sandbags are required and depending on the site, sometimes a crash mat and a supervisor are also required. Dirt, mulch, rough concrete/bitumen and/or gravel are not suitable surfaces for jumping castles at any time.

Can you use a bouncy castle in the winter?

No, You Shouldn’t Use a Bounce House in Winter Conditions

And using your bounce house in cold weather exposes it to serious risk of damage, too.

What can I have instead of a bouncy castle?

Inflatable slide hire

Our inflatable slides are a really great alternative to a full bouncy castle if you’re still looking for something fun and inflatable that can provide endless hours of entertainment for your guests.

Can bouncy castles get too hot?

Parents, don’t just chalk up your kids’ profuse sweating or lethargy to too much playtime. New research is warning that the incredibly hot temperatures in bouncy castles may be putting children at risk of heat stroke and dehydration.

Do bouncy castles have to go on grass?

Bouncy castles and inflatables can go on any area as long as it is grass and on a flat area. As all bouncy castles are different shapes and sizes, you need to make sure that you measure the area, making sure the measurements include safe space around the castle.

Can bouncy castles go on tarmac?

The bouncy castle may be able to go on concrete or tarmac, but only if there is a suitable way to secure it, which we usually do by drilling and using thunderbolts.

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How many kids can bouncy castles have?

Q: How many children can fit in a bouncy castle? A: Generally speaking, between 4 to 8 children at one time.

Can I make money renting out bounce houses?

You can generate a significant income by renting inflatables for parties and events. Renting inflatables can be a lucrative career. The start-up costs are lower than those required for many other businesses. You don’t need a lot of inflatables to get started.

Are bounce houses worth buying?

It is pretty clear to us that cheap bounce houses are not worth the cost. In addition to lacking plenty of fun accessories, cheap bouncers are also likely to have issues with durability and stability. There are several alternatives you can consider, including renting a bounce house or buying a used one.

How are bounce houses cleaned?

Do bouncy castles use a lot of electricity?

If you need exact figures, use an electricity usage monitor. 52 Watts per hour is equal to 12 hours. 600 kWh per day. If you used the inflatable all 31 days of December for 12 hours a day, it would add $2.32 to your electric bill.

Can you leave a bouncy castle up overnight?

A: Yes, as long as you keep the users well hydrated, and turn the electrics off every few hours to let them cool down for 10-15mins, our bouncy castles are 100% safe to use during hot weather.

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